A comparison of Marketing Strategy of Wellcome and City'super in Hong Kong

 Comparison of Online marketing strategy of Wellcome and City’super in Hong Kong Essay

Comparison of Marketing Strategy of Wellcome and City'super in Hong Kong

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Stand of Content

1 . Introduction3

2 . Concentrate on Segment3

3. Marketing Strategy4

3. 1 . Product Strategy4

3. 2 . Price Strategy5

3. three or more. Promotion Strategy5

3. 5. Place Strategy6

4. Conclusion6

5. Reference6


City'Super established in 1996, below FENIX GROUP which is proven in 1972 by Masaaki Ogino (jap), their particular operation mainly in outfit industry, like OZOC, Anteprima, Indivi and A/T etc… City'Super generally selling brought in foods (mainly in Japan), fresh food, specialty, is known as a " one particular stop shopping” Mega way of living specialty shop target to busy metropolitan professionals, all their core parts include the Food Market, Life Section and CookedDeli. They have 5 supermarket in HK and 2 in Taiwan.[1]

Wellcome Supermarket is under Dairy Farm by Jardine Group in 1964, opened simply by Mr. Wu, Mr. Lau and Mr. Ko is usually 1945 as a small grocery shop, the first retail store is in Central, specialized in imported products which includes wines, biscuits, canned foodstuff and beverage when it's begin. 60 years after, it is now 250 stores and over 5000 workers with 18 million consumer a month.[2]

Concentrate on Segment

Wellcome supermarket is a supermarket string providing one-stop shopping convenience for all Hong Kong people and consistently delivery value for money through friendly support and lower price. They produce a 4R technique to find the " Right” product at the " Right” time and the " Right” place intended for the " Right” client.[3]

City'super provides quality and lifestyle product to their consumer. EPS is definitely their key vision, At the = Environment means to make a comfortable, ease and shopping area with their customer, G = Goods all gathered by their buyer all over the world to generate their item new and unique, and S sama dengan service to offer the excellent customer support and after product sales service to preserve their customer.[4]

Marketing Strategy

1 Product Approach

As long as City'super's business and Wellcome's business are both aim one quit service, but the product line is pretty many in between these 2 supermarkets. City'super advertising the most way of living and top quality foods additionally unique goods. Whereas Wellcome sell the significance products which could afford by simply mass consumers.

City'super making use of the differentiate technique which advertising different kinds of foods around the world to attract different client's needs -- fresh, several taste of numerous countries to satisfy the customer. The width and length of products are bigger compared to a normal supermarket. City's extremely therefore has 3 sections which offer different has to customer just like " Food Market” to sell dairy food and bakery, " Life Division” selling top quality lifestyle products that via personal pampering to home design. And " CookedDeli” provides quality meal but low price.

Wellcome is in the mass strategy which present wide yet short production. They offer more product options than those classic stores to acquire more buyers. However , as a result of restriction by the shops size they won't screen too long products on the shelf, when it comes to the supervision cost and the cost per foot sq. Consequently, their particular product interesting depth and width is relatively smaller then simply City'super.

a couple of Price Technique

Wellcome is usually working in a minimal price strategy, the immediate competitor is usually Park'in Store, they will invite the food whole seller to show off and enhance their own product with so contact shelf fee or better discount or list cost in order to get the very best position and get more exposure and awareness to the customer. Usually the whole seller is happy to provide extra discount to the supermarket as a result of bulk purchase. So...

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