A Paper I I am Writing upon Female Serial Killers-Not Completed

 A Newspaper I Am Writing in Female Serial Killers-Not Completed

Why perform Woman Destroy? A Look at Girl Serial Killers

Michael Clouse

Des Moines Area Community College

You will find endless information on male serial killers. However woman serial killers are a little less common. Females are regarded as nurtures and gentle by nature. You will discover nine classifications for females dramon killers. Angel of Death

An angel of fatality is a female serial fantastic that usually preys on the sick and tired. She has a sense of playing God by managing how very well the person gets and how unwell the person is definitely. In the end the lady controls just how and when anybody dies. Your woman can usually be viewed in the part of medical caretaker, health professional, midwife, home aide, doctor, etc . (Buzzle. com). Dark Widow

Dark widows are usually controlled by money. They may kill their husband, kids and loved ones to collect insurance money or perhaps inheritance. The lady typically begins her profession at the age of twenty-five and definitely murders victims for a ten years or more just before she is apprehended or her killings end for another explanation (Kelleher). Intimate Predator

Lovemaking predator female serial killers usually are in the works with a male spouse making a serial monster team. (Kelleher) Despite the fact that we have a growing familiarity with the male sex predator fantastic crimes, it is uncertain if perhaps any of this knowledge applies to the female sexual dramon murderer. As a result of lack of expertise it is hard to track this type of female serial killer if the girl with acting by simply herself. Avenger

(Buzzle. com) Avenger -- lashes out at all those who have thwarted her in her gains. Deep seated anger, desire for revenge drives this woman to commit mass murders. The motives pertaining to the female avenger serial killer range generally from personal reasons. Though the intent by these crimes are usually clear and they are not often remorseful. Group Killers

Team killers may be female/female, female/male, and friends and family teams. Teams of female/ female criminals are usually much more than two. However female/ men killer...

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