Advertising Principles And Practice

 Advertising Guidelines And Practice Essay

Promoting Principles and


Wells, Burnett & Moriarty

Powerful Advertising

With down economy, misfortune of 9/11 and new

technology we have a need for a rethink to

make advertising and marketing effective

Clients expect evidence, and proof must lead to or

actually produce revenue

The Volkswagen campaign advertising throughout the

60s with Bill Bernbach's innovative genius

were a runaway success " Think small”,

" Lemon”, " The floating car”, " The egg car”,

" Unsightly is only pores and skin deep” getting some of them

Marketing cannot save bad


Clio prize is given to the ads which have been creative and

effective, which award is the same as the Oscar

However the Effie is 1 important prize which is given for

success (visit EFFIE Worldwide in )

The New You are able to American Marketing Association introduced

these awards in late 1960s and it honors the ‘real world' work of agency/client partnerships that create, take care of, and build


In August 1996 Nissan released one of the most

remarkable ads – lively, music-filled commercials showcased

dogs, dolls, a smiling widely Japanese gentleman, and the saying

" Take advantage of the Ride” the campaign failed as zero car was

shown and Nissan lost share and posted failures that 12 months

Characteristics of Effective


The ads ought to satisfy customers' objectives and

also must achieve advertiser's objectives

Technique, creativity and execution are typical very

important in reaching the above

The space to which VW owners goes in order to

preserve their cars is a strong creative concept

Effective ads are well executed with details,

photos, environment, printing and production ideals all


Other advertising awards are Cannes, one Show,

DNAD, and the Kelly Awards

Why Advertising Matters

More Than Ever

When times are good the corporate commitment to long-range company building is very high, when profits drop the advertisement budgets become the target pertaining to budget slashers

While it can be not certain research shows that the best way to gain share is always to sustain your spending throughout the downturns in economy otherwise you rivals lessen That is just how Kellogg leapfrogged C. W. Post throughout the Depression and how Pizza Hut and Taco Bell got share by McDonald's during the early nineties dip To meet earning predictions a lot of companies just like Delta Airlines and General Motor reacted quickly to slowing growth in the beginning of 2001 by slicing budgets. But technology internet marketers need to remain on course and therefore third-ranked APPLE with a $650 million mass media budget " is absolutely going to stay the course” Their particular VP, Bundled Marketing Connection, says " Successful firms try to use the downturn to solidify their particular position and take some share. We come across it while an opportunity. ” This pondering was the reason they dropped only 1% brand worth last year

Efficiency Factors

Promoters try to get customers to

understand (at least notice) their ads initially

Then they desire that buyers will learn

anything or become persuaded by simply something in

the ads

Finally the advertisers get consumers

to behave in a certain approach – essentially to buy

the merchandise in the advertising

Think (cognitive) ---Feel (emotion) ---- Carry out

(action) may be the result of Learning,

Persuasion, and Behavior

Meaning Effectiveness Elements

Key meaning effects

Surrogate measures

Conversation Tools


Exposure, Attention,

Interest, Memory space,


Advertisement Media, PAGE RANK, Sales

Promo, Personal

Providing, Direct



Understanding, Image

and Association Company


PAGE RANK, Personal Providing,

Sales Advertising


Thinking, Belief,


Emotions, determination

PR, Advertising and marketing,

Personal Offering Events,

Direct Marketing


Trial, Buy, Repeat

order, Use Even more

Sales Advertising, Direct

Promoting, Personal


Chick-fil-A and Social



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