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п»ї1. 0 Executive Brief summary

TheВ Year 1В season will be a wonderful one for women looking for exclusive outdoor clothing online. Liquid Culture will certainly eliminate the middle man and offerВ creative outdoor clothes that is both equally functional and beautiful. В The savings will be passed on to the customers that will be paying out a small percentage of the actual normallyВ do to get current retreated fashion in shops. Liquid Culture'sВ Year 1В line involves the best textile, designs and styling on the market. Also Liquid Culture will never maintain any clothing products on hand. Liquid Traditions has developed with Magic Clothing Business, located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, toВ produce and deliver all Water Culture apparel. В The design team will work carefully with the Magic's Indonesian-based manufacturing facilities. The Magic Clothing Organization will conserve the inventory and definitely will produce adequate product to meet the organized demand.

1 ) 1 Quest

Liquid Culture's mission should be to present buyers with models, styling and clothes that energizes any kind of outdoor activity. Whether it be snowboarding, operating along the seaside, or drifting down a river, The liquid Culture offers comfortable, tough clothing that will look and feel great. 1 . a couple of Keys to Success

Accessible website that is entertaining to surf. Just like a trip to your favourite retail store where you usually find something new that you want. Creating a strong marketing campaign in a traditional media vehicle; i. electronic. magazines. Superb vendor relationship that will aid quality production of Liquid Culture's clothes and speedy shipment of orders. Acquiring an excellent design and style staff.

2 . 0 Business Summary

Liquefied Culture's workplace will be located at Bandra, Mumbai. It will eventually offer innovative women's outdoor clothing, online, that is both functional and beautiful. Cost-effective operations will probably be created to eliminate the cost of inventory by having a third-party, Magic Clothing Business, handle most manufacturing and shipping of clothing to the customer. Liquid Lifestyle will process the purchase and accumulate the payment online. The order will then be sent to Magic Clothing Organization to be stuffed and sent. Liquid Traditions will concentrate on clothing design and style and advertising of usana products. 2 . 1 Start-up Overview

Liquid Culture's start-up costs consist mainly of design and marketing apart from worker salary, business office rent, additional general expenses etc . Stand: Start-up

Start up


Start-up Expenses



Stationery and so forth










Leased Workplace Equipment


Laptop Equipment/Software






Total Start-up Expenditures


Start-up Assets

Cash Necessary


Start-up Products on hand


Other Current Assets


Long lasting Assets


Total Assets


Total Requirements


a few. 0 Products

Liquid Lifestyle will sell can certainly outdoor garments online. All of us will offer outdoor clothingВ for nearly every type of active use. We all will concentrate on the in season clothing demands of our customers including the next: Fleece coats.

Rain gear, waterproof to be able to, as well as covered nylon.

Man made clothing for outdoor activities.





some. 0 Industry Analysis Brief summary

In the past 12-15 years, women's outdoor use has grown right into a billion dollars niche inside the clothing sector. The demand for the Internet offers launched a quantity of online retailers for can certainly outdoor have on but no company is exclusively selling many online. В There are aВ number of causes of this but the strongest is usually that the concept can be new and untested. В Will buyers buy something which they put on that can be seen online? В We feel they will, in case the process is definitely fun and the items are great and cheap. В The key is advertising our concentrate on customers in the traditional promoting medium pertaining to fashion, i actually. e. ladies fitness mags. The advertisings will give attention to the removing the middle guy in your apparel budget and...

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