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The targets of routine service are to ensure the desired herb availability in a optimum price within the protection prescription. In otherwords, it may be mentioned the objective of maintenance should be to minimise the whole cost of unavailability and resources. Whenever the plant is unavailable either due to breakdowns or perhaps due to prepared stoppages, the subsequent costs will be incurred.

1) Loss of income due to stoppage of equipment

2) Loss of operating materials.

Moreover the following costs are sustained on solutions:

1) Work of over head expenses

2) Materials in spares and consumables

3) Cost of storage space of frees and features.

Hence, protection functions are really, organised concerning minimise the whole cost of unavailability and resources.


The above mentioned aims are obtained by taking specific action illustrated below: Action


a. Lubrication

n. Cleaning

c. Adjustments

Returning or slow down the process

of deterioration or wear

d. Putting on

Protective coatings

e. Study of the Measure the extent of wear and

state from the

determine, upon that basis, the


action required to check a

break-down plus the time when

f. Examination of history

this sort of action needs to be taken

of behaviour of the

machine and its particular


g. Replacement of put on

out part


l. Repair of cracks or perhaps

other repairable


Reestablish the original functional capacity with the machine

preventing further destruction

i. Modification of design

of the pieces or

location of the


Affect improvements to lessen

the regularity of interest or

to reduce cost of maintaining

the equipment

t. Capital substitute

Replacement of the machine when

age the existing machine

requirements of quality and

quantity of result and

breakthrough of better equipment

make this economical to dislodge

the current and install a new


In these, the first four steps happen to be taken with all the sole reason for reducing chaffing, wear and effects of environment on the specific parts of a machine. For example , lubrication reduces friction; washing prevents corrosion and erosion due to dust particles; adjustment of level or perhaps alignments or by securing the loose bolts and nuts eliminates undue tensions; and preventive coatings guard against rust and corrosion. These action increase the valuable life of parts and for that reason, constitute a great intrinsic component to Preventive Protection.

The next two steps, inspection of parts and examination of history, are meant to assess the condition of the part, the extent of wear, the action required to remedy the defect and the time when such actions should be undertaken. These activities are taken on essentially in order to plan the remedial actions.

Inspection may be external pertaining to abnormal audio or temperatures which would not require a cessation of the equipment. It could be internal, demanding a equipment to be stopped either purely for inspection or at the time of some other fix or during overhauling of the machine. Traditional data alternatively, is a chronological record of repairs and replacements completed on a machine during it is life inside the company. Research of such a record helps to calculate the life span of numerous components and establish the frequency of inspections, vehicle repairs, and substitutions. Replacement and repair of components may be undertaken based on inspection reports, analysis of history or problems of operating personnel.

Another important part of maintenance is the difference in some characteristics of the components which gives recurrent trouble, to prevent re-occurrence of the trouble with this frequency. This action is definitely taken on such basis as history of the device and analysis of costs involved. This


maintenance engineering and management

stage can be defined as " Maintenance Prevention". Cost of protection...

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