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IndustryAutomotive industry


Founder(s)Franz Josef Popp

HeadquartersMunich, Germany

Region servedWorldwide

Important peopleNorbert Reithofer (CEO), Joachim Milberg (Chairman of the relief board)

ProductsAutomobiles, motorcycles, mountain bikes

Revenue€60. forty eight billion (2010)

Operating income

€5. 094 billion (2010)


€3. 218 billion dollars (2010)

Total assets

€108. 87 billion dollars (end 2010)

Total equity

€23. 10 billion dollars (end 2010)

Employees95, 450 (end 2010)


Rolls-Royce Motor Vehicles

BMW Motorrad


Websitebmw. com

Business history

Bavarian Motor Performs is a German automobile, motor bike and engine manufacturing company founded in 1916. It also owns and produces the Mini manufacturer, and is the parent organization of Rolls-Royce Motor Vehicles. BMW generates motorcycles beneath BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna brands. BMW is known due to the performance and luxury automobiles, and is a worldwide leader in premium car sales. THE CAR was forced to cease aeroplanes engine production by the the Versailles Cessez-le-feu Treaty. The organization consequently altered to motor bike production in 1923 when the restrictions in the treaty began to be lifted, accompanied by automobiles in 1928–29. The emblem started out the circular Rapp Motorenwerke company logo, from where the BMW company grew, combined with the blue and light colours in the flag of Bavaria, turned to produce the BMW roundel. However , the foundation of the logo being based upon the movements of a propeller is in dispute, according to the article posted in 2010 by New York Occasions, quoting " At the THE CAR Museum in Munich, Anne Schmidt-Possiwal, described that the blue-and-white company logo would not represent a spinning propeller, but was meant to show the colors of the Totally free State of Bavaria. BMW's first significant aircraft engine was the BMW IIIa inline-six liquid-cooled engine of 1918, much favored for its high-altitude performance. With German rearmament in the 1930s, the company once again began creating aircraft motors for the Luftwaffe. Between its powerful World War II engine designs were the BMW 132 and BMW 801 air-cooled great engines, as well as the pioneering BMW 003 axial-flow turbojet, which in turn powered the tiny, 1944-1945-era jet-powered " emergency fighter", the Heinkel He 162 Spatz.

In 1992, AS BMW HYBRID acquired a large stake in California centered industrial design and style studio DesignworksUSA, which they totally acquired in 1995. In 1994, THE CAR bought the British Rover Group[15] (which at the time consisted of the Rover, Land Rover and MAGNESIUM brands in addition to the rights to defunct brands including Austin tx and Morris), and owned it to get six years. By 2k, Rover was making enormous losses and BMW made a decision to sell the combine. The MG and Rover brands were acquired by the Phoenix, arizona Consortium to create MG Rover, while Property Rover was taken over by simply Ford. AS BMW HYBRID, meanwhile, retained the privileges to build the brand new Mini, that was launched in 2001 Chief designer Chris Bangle declared his starting from AS BMW HYBRID in Feb . 2009, after serving for the design crew for nearly 17 years. Having been replaced simply by Adrian truck Hooydonk, Bangle's former proper hand man. Bangle was known for his radical models such as the 2002 7-Series as well as the 2002 Z4. In September 2007, the production rights pertaining to Husqvarna Motor bikes was purchased by THE CAR for a reported 93 million euros. AS BMW HYBRID Motorrad plans to continue functioning Husqvarna Motor bikes as a individual enterprise. Most development, revenue and production activities, and also the current workforce, have remained in place at its present location at Varese.

Shareholders framework

by ownership

•Stefan Quandt: 17. 4%

•Johanna Quandt: 16. seven percent

•Susanne Klatten: 12. 6%

•Free Drift: 53. 3%

by types

•Strategic investors: 46. seven percent

•Institutional shareholders:

oNorth America: 12-15. 8%

oUnited Kingdom and Ireland: 10. 8%

oOther Europe: 5. 7%

oGermany: 4. 8%

oRest on the planet: 2 . 5%

•Other investors: 12. 7%...

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