Kids Young People And Families Essa

 Children The younger generation And Family members Essa Dissertation


Children, Young People and Families

Examine how relevant plan, theory and

exploration should advise social work practice

in the Smith-Jones-Khan case.

Case Study # some

ID: 33358162

Case Study Several (appendix one) describes a family which because of multiple concerns including segregated parents with mental well being needs, brothers and sisters living aside, aggressive behaviour and truancy they present an extremely complicated case for virtually any social employee. It targets the story of Callum great current position with brief mention of his brother and two siblings. I will check out the legal and policy guidance along with relevant theories and values that could inform and guide interpersonal work practice in relation to Callum as almost all of the information relates to him.

The Every Child Issues (ECM) Green Paper introduced wide spread policy change and was underpinned by law inside the 2004 Kids Act. The ECM needs that sociable workers support the parents and carers instead of removing kids to longer term care (Hodge, 2004). For example the ECM set out the agenda for the concentration of neighborhood children's software program as educational institutions, GP's, cultural services and so forth (Hodge, 2004). The idea of an alternative approach to an individual's needs by removing the legislative boundaries between inter agency data sharing, blows services to work together to a shared aim which is " precisely what is best for the child" in this case Callum. Another key idea set out in the ECM is definitely early input, which means that kids should receive the right help then simply need but when they need that. An important step in reaching this kind of goal is the use of the normal Assessment Structure (CAF). Pertaining to Callum while others the CAF aims to put their needs in front of the agencies plan (Gilligan, 2008). The entire process should be led by a business lead professional whose job it is to lead and follow up activities with all organizations involved while being the main contact to get the child while using extra requires, this helps when a child is working with several professional as it may easily become disorientating and counterproductive for the child early childhood to be coping with multiple pros (Howarth, 2010).

Intended for Callum fantastic family the CAF will be used by the neighborhood Authority (LA) to assess the needs from the children and the family as under S. 47 with the Children Act they have a obligation to do so (Calder and Hackett, 2013). Within the assessment 3 key areas are looked into. Firstly Callum's developmental demands, parental capacity which even though his mother is currently struggling to demonstrate ability to care for Callum the new plan context guarantees that she could be fully assessed and supported exactly where possible when it is in Callum's best interests to have input in the life.

Lastly along with environmental elements (Calder and Hackett, 2013). The three key assessment areas are investigated in more depth in the examination framework triangle. During the examination the cultural worker profits information necessary from people involved which include family members and supporting organizations. The plan should be to build a total picture that will allow the cultural worker to start with to look at several theories and research that might offer understanding or reason for Callum's behaviours.

Professor Chip Frost (2013) when speaking about the lessons learned from a significant Case Assessment echoes the findings with the Munro statement (2001) declaring that the decisions undertaken by simply social personnel on a daily basis, generally with very little time, are extremely complex and involve a higher degree of uncertainty. This something that the CAF attempts to deal with as it is to become approached like a partnership among services the young people and their families (Calder and Hackett, 2013). Each of the three parts of the analysis framework triangular are gone into in a lot more detail and guidance for this is laid out in the CAF suggestions. In order to make use of...

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