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5. Min Woo Song

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5. Onofre C. Mateo

5. Khanan Pinnoi

Clean Advantage Razor Case

1 . What adjustments are happening in the non-disposable razor category? What are the strategic life cycle issues for Paramount's current goods as well as for Clean Edge? Evaluate Paramount's competitive position. (1) Market development in very premium section

Non-disposable razor experienced around 5% growth per year from 2007 to 2010, specifically super high quality market's expansion rate was higher than different segments. (2) Innovative item and improved media promoting expenditure Progressive and new products increased total market size and required bigger market share, especially in extremely premium market. Accordingly the portion of mass media advertising costs in promo budget has increased continuously to supply the value of new and ground breaking products to customers. Although there was not any difference in Paramount current products. (3) Consumer's attitude change

The industry participants tried to change the consumers' attitude. They stimulated buyers to replace ink cartridges more frequently than before as delivering the benefit of repeated cartridge-change. Therefore, the market introduced twenty-two new stock-keeping units(SKUs) with advanced technology among 2008 and 2009. (4) Diversified division channel

Distribution stations increased their particular shelf space for refill cartridge SKU and refill cartridge's selling margin was higher than others personal care items. And distribution programs have diversified from regular food shops and medicine stores to mass merchandisers, club stores and others. (5) Paramount's competitive position

Paramount Take advantage was losing its business increasingly but Paramount Expert took significant market share from competitors and shifted their customers in value to moderate

[Graph 1: Market Share Change]

market. But it encounters plateau circumstance with low growth during 2009 and 2010. Because Prince's cool product Cogent Plus and B& K's new product Vitric learn took business with replacing their own current products. Taking into consideration the portion of social/emotional shavers and aesthetic razors, Paramount Plus competitive location was incredibly weak. It was required to present new product to reply the buyers, especially in extremely premium portion.

installment payments on your How may be the non-disposable razor market segmented? Examine consumer behavior for non-disposable shavers. Non-disposable razor market is segmented into a few consumer groupings by their consuming behavior as below. Social/Emotional shavers are interested in the two functionality and messaging of the products. And aesthetic razors are more interested in functionality. Those a couple of groups are likely to use new and innovative products and makes up 67% of total razor market. Repair shavers are certainly not interested in new releases comparably. All of us recommend to aim at both social/emotional razors and visual shavers. Included Razor UsersSocial/Emotional Shavers| Included Razor UsersAesthetic Shavers| Uninvolved Razor UsersMaintenance Shavers| (39% of Nondisposable Razor Users)| (28% of Nondisposable Razor blade Users)| (33% of Nondisposable Razor Users)| Differentiate among products. Search for products depending on both operation and messaging. | Search for products that most effectively remove locks. | Perspective products while the same. Deficiency of interest in merchandise category. | Shaving as as important part of a daily grooming ritual. | Saving is regularly done to take away unwanted hair. | Saving routine is definitely inconsistent. | Shaving makes them feel more attractive and confident. | Shaving can be described as means to soft skin they desire. | Saving is a chore they make an effort to finish as soon as possible.

3. What are the disputes for starting Clean Edge as (a) a niche item and (b) a mainstream brand? Which will would you suggest? What are the strategic effects of...

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