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In this report I actually discuss the comparison of competitive strategies between two key departmental retailers in Australia being David Williams and Focus on and how that they differ from the other person. I as well discuss the current issues that will be faced including Global Financial Crisis which includes had very much impact on both stores and future dangers such as buying online which is considered to be the latest tendency is purchasing which has previously affected the shops but will make competition also tougher in the near future for both stores.


Goal Stores is a major retail store that first opened in 1925 in Geelong while Lindsay's Emporium selling by clothing to household items, appliances, sporting goods, toys and so forth From that day opened some other stores surrounding the country till really beginning to expand in 1973 after they become known as Target with now 305 stores around Australia. The essence Target retailers is to provide Australians with great top quality at an affordable price. David Jones on the other hand is geared towards a higher category of people his or her products find more expensive than Target. David Jones shops began in 1838 yet only already have 37 shops across Australia Both Concentrate on and David Jones encounter competition within the retail market with Targets key competitor being K-Mart and Big- T while David Jones' key competitor is usually Myer. Both equally stores have strengths and weaknesses and both keep different competitive strategies since Target shows a focus about cost command while David Jones follows a differentiation leadership. Other report look into talents, weaknesses and the different competitive strategies with additional detail.

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Focus on

As previously mentioned Target initially opened in 1925 nevertheless did not become Target Australia Pty Ltd until 1973 when the opportunity for growth was recognised. From there Target widened to Target Residence, Target Country and Concentrate on Baby which usually all are a part of the Westfarmers group. Concentrate on has a large range of products including menswear, females wear, kids wear, sports, appliances, home goods, toys and games, electrical, etc . The extension of Target residence and Target Baby was not necessarily a good move by company numerous of these shops closed down shortly after when it was not found to increase product sales or earnings. Over the past a decade Target has attempted to are more ‘in' while using current tendencies by keeping plan other popular stores including Jeans Western world, Sportsgirl, Jay-Jays etc, nevertheless by offering a more affordable price why these stores. The primary target was between fresh teens and early 30s as it was believed these fresh Australians can be stylish for the much more low price. This difference in market placement came after Target announced its 1st loss in 2001 of $43 million and a new senior administration were applied. This was noticed to improve the financial revenues from a loss into a profit within 18 months. Focus on face a fierce competition in which they must take into consideration and differ from these kinds of if they are to keep a strong competitor in today's full industry. The 2 main opponents are K-mart and Big T. K-Mart is usually a part of Westfarmers where as Big W is usually owned simply by Woolworths which can be Westfarmers best threat. Concentrate on attempts being more attractive to Australians by providing such low prices but still rendering great top quality in their goods. Target must sustain this kind of quality if they are to remain highly in the market as though product quality deteriorates then simply customers will find a new location to purchase their goods. One more competitive strategy that Target maintain is the selection in different products they maintain. In comparison to a retail store like Jeans Western, customers should buy stylish clothes in the same shop that they may purchase gadgets, appliances, and so forth, which makes Goal extremely attractive for households during the Xmas period once shopping can become such an inconvenience...

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