Durability within Hotels on Entaille Canaria

 Sustainability within Hotels on Cran Canaria Essay

" Sustainable hotels and the lasting need of shoppers at Grandma Canaria”

Martinus Rouss, Follon Lamm, Jakob Ulcnik, Jonathan Croes and Vincent vehicle Engelen

40. 02. 2012

Research Survey Hotels & Sustainability

" The Earth provides enough

to meet every male's needs,

but is not every mans greed. ”

Mahatma Gandhi

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Research Record Hotels & Sustainability

" Sustainable hotels and the eco friendly need of customers at Nan Canaria”

Expert Mrs. Karin Bras

Instructor Mr. Zac Woolfitt

Task Group B2 Class A

Martinus Rouss

Taco Lamm

Jakob Ulcnik

Jonathan Croes

Vincent truck Engelen

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Study Report Accommodations & Sustainability


The project group has been entrusted by Thomas Cook to conduct research on the subject; sustainability1. Focusing on two sides: the supply side which are sustainable accommodations and on the necessity side looking at the need of durability of the customers, at the vacation spot: Gran Canaria.

Desk research

To start the investigation proposal there is desk research done for orientation to get a better understanding of the subject; sustainability. This subject has been divided in 3 parts, sustainability in general, sustainability in hospitality and the sustainable need of customers. This gave a clear overview of what sustainability entailed and used to get the following theories that have been decided to be the foundation for the preparation of the research. The main theories employed are: Persons, Profit, World; 3P's2 plus the Shades of green3. Theory: 3p's

The 3P's theory has become used as being a tool to determine whether accommodations are operating in a lasting way. This has been done in the form of twenty interviews which were conducted with accommodation employees who have different positions This theory is also used for several questions in the 100 forms filled out by simply tourists/customers. Theory: Shades of green

The " shades of green” is a tool to measure to what magnitude an individual will be sustainable. This theory is employed to give the how eco friendly the vacationers are on Nan Canaria and for that reason used to get questions for the set of questions.

Field exploration at Nan Canaria

The next thing in the research process was conducting. Through the field research there were 100 questionnaires with tourists between 15 and 90 years aged with the the greater part in the age bracket between dua puluh enam and thirty five. These tourists have different ethnicities, most of them are German. The majority of the tourists travel around with Neckermann /Thomas Prepare and the normal length of stay is 7 days. The interviews and issue were completed at several hotels throughout the south of Gran Canaria at the places: Playa de Ingles, Bahia Melonaras, Maspalomas and San Augustín. Frank Cooper, Travel and leisure Principles and Practice, fourth edition, chapter 8, page. 215 Visited on February 9th, 2012 3 Sustainable travel management M. Swarbrooke

one particular


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Analysis Report Hotels & Durability


Dear reader,

Thanks to your involvement in our exploration report; hotels & durability on Gran Canaria. The report is definitely written to be able to advice and recommend Jones Cook/Neckermann within this subject. It is often a delight to research this subject and write this extensive statement. Writing the report and doing you see, the research upon Gran Canaria was like a rollercoaster drive, with a lot of ups and downs subsequent to unexpected turns and surprises but mostly filled up with excitement. We could very pleased to have had the opportunity to practice and develop our research abilities on an task like this. We have gotten the opportunity to see the beautiful island of Gran Canaria and knowledge real life study first hand. It really is without doubt that research has written for our personal and specialist development much more than one of many ways. Our subject matter; hotels & sustainability, is by far the most tough, complex yet interesting subject matter that could...

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