Elken Essay

п»їElken company

1) Introduction

Elken company is an international direct selling organization which is advertising health care products, beauty products and household products. Elken is known as a Malaysia business which was set up at 95. The perspective of the company is to improve our lives, intended for examples, health and personal development, building confidence, monetary well-being and train a independence leader. The head business office is located in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, and it has expands its business to another 6 countries, you will discover Brunei, Asia, Hong Kong, Philippines, India and Singapore. Besides, Elken already been awarded the rank of 65 in the global by Direct Providing News mags in 2012, top rated 1 Malaysia MLM in 2011/2012, Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Prizes 2012 and Green Building Index (GBI) Silver Recognition in 2011.



в—Џ Strong background for about 10 years above

в—Џ High quality of product and also have their own stock in other folks country в—Џ Well trained freelance workers

в—Џ Strong cultural and unique slogan

Weak spot

в—Џ Costly product

в—Џ Unstable wages or pay

в—Џ Distinct and different opinions through your leader


в—Џ Still have a lot of countries available to grow the business в—Џ A lot of new products being innovated and discovered

в—Џ New cooperate company


в—Џ A lot of not understand from external

в—Џ The final of normal resources and material

3) External Evaluation

3. 1) Political pressure

Actually, Elken has a merely number of politics forces. Could be what we need to love is the importance or export agreement between your cooperate countries because the majority of our product materials is imported by others countries, so that we should enforged us between the cooperate countries. 3. 2 Monetary conditions

Nowdays, steadily changes of economic is very serious. So , economic conditions is very important factor that can directly affect the product sales of a company. For an example, Malaysia monetary has been a bit increase to 5%-6%, in order that our revenue for the first quarter has been increases. 3. 3 Socio-cultural circumstances

Today, Elken has to encounter the socio-cultural problems since most of the people feel that running these kind of business is known as a cheater. Actually, there are many direct selling business all around the world, but not most of them are using the formal systems. Consequently , Elken has always confront the problem when they are trying to sponsor more workers or drive their products to customers. several. 4 Technological changes

Scientific also performs a main role in a organization, it can increases our product sales or end result speed in the future. Elken always put in ther effort inside the technological developments and innovations, for instance Elken El Marinaro Blanc. Un Marino Bleme required a fresh technological contact ADS Ridotto Delivery Program, this technology make the merchandise different from different ones because the majority of the collagen do not have such a technology. Consequently , a change of technological can help a company increase their competitive durability and elevates their production rates.

a few. 5 Environment Factor

Almost all of the company linked to environmental component, so that Elken also facing the problem. Elken's product necessary a ton of rare natural solutions, for example , Cyanobacteria. The cyanobacteria is a plant that already surviving in each of our earth for about four 1, 000 hundred million, it is the first plant nowadays. So that, due to our creation, we need to use a large number of these resources and the environmental may be destroyed. 3. 6th Legal Factors

The legal factors pertaining to Elken may be the import or export plans for each nation. Besides, the copyrights of every product also very important, or maybe our merchandise might almost certainly same with the main one on the market and affect the sales. Last but not least, the policies or legal that limit us intended for using the rare natural assets. These are three main factors that will affect Elken.

4) External Examination (Competitive...

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