Detailed Questions and Answers about Our Essay Writing Services

• How confidential if your service?

We vouch for your confidential information to stay secure and classified. Anything you decide to share with us will by no means be disclosed to representatives of third parties. That being said, your professors will not find out that you used our services.

• Do you have any refund policy?

We have a comprehensive satisfaction guarantee policy that protects your rights as a customer. In case of a misunderstanding, if there is a direct breach of an agreement from our side, a 100% refund for your expenses is to be issued.

• How does your service work?

First things first, you upload your assignment and proceed with an accordant payment. Once we receive your payment, we assign a particular writer to your paper and ensure a steady communication channel with you. When your essay is ready to be delivered, you will find it at your personal order page in the website. Nevertheless, you will have a contact with the writer upon receiving the essay in case you have any comments or feedback.

• What happens if I am not satisfied with my paper?

Prior to a delivery to a client, every paper is to be thoroughly checked for plagiarism via a number of software. If you, however, are left unsatisfied with the quality of your order, you may request an additional free revision that aligns with our policy. In this case, the writer will look through the essay once more and will make amendments according to your inquiry. Please keep in mind that your instructions can only be implied if they comply with the ones you have made when ordering the paper.

• Who is going to write my essay?

Our staff is represented by professional writers from anglophone countries like the United Stated and the United Kingdom. Each of our writers is specifically trained to comply with all the academic essay preconditions and to provide his or her best service to every our client.

• Do you provide any discounts?

We have a very customer-friendly price list at the first place. Additionally, we provide discounts to clients who have used our services before. You might want to check out our pricing policy to find more details about the discounts that can be provided if you have a large order.

• How long does it take to process and complete my order?

Once we receive your requirements, we will process your order at the shortest notice and will connect you with a writer. When placing your order, you will be asked to choose among many delivery timeline options. The time for completing your paper is calculated from the moment we receive your payment.

• Do your writers have pre-written papers?

No. The writer who is to work on your essay only begins to outline it once you provide him or her with all the necessary details, requirements and your personal comments. Every essay is tailor-made specifically for a particular client and is 100% customized for his or her needs.

• Is it ethical to use your services for my academics?

Our papers can be used in a number of ways if they are properly referenced. You can use our essay as an additional material for drafting your own or for gaining a better understanding of the topic. Moreover, you can include it to a paper written by you along with a proper citation. In any event, we kindly advise you to check with your educational institution to see what are the exact plagiarism and paraphrasing policies it stands by.

• Why do you NOT use Turnitin?

Turnitin has a very inconvenient feature that stores every paper that has ever been uploaded there in its database as a matter of course. Which is why, when double check your essay for plagiarism via Turnitin for the second time, it will be recognized as plagiarised.

• Can you guarantee that all your papers are 100% free of plagiarism?

Absolutely! Every paper that we deliver is custom-made and original. We use WebCheck to make sure that your essay can go through any plagiarism checking software with no problems. WebCheck is a certified tool which does not share any uploaded assignments to any third parties, meaning that your confidential information along with your paper itself is to stay secured. We guarantee our clients that our essays combine high quality and originality.

• Is there a way I can contact the person who writes my essay?

As a client, you will have an easy access to contacting your writer. The communication is provided via the personal control panel on the website and is supported by other staff members who monitor the process and make sure that all the requirements and deadlines are met.

• Can you format my paper according to my requirement?

When submitting your task, you can specify what instructions you want the writer to follow. Meaning, you can ask for a specific formatting or a default academic style to be implied. Our writers are well-trained to use MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago/Turabian styles. However, do not hesitate to request a particular formatting, whether it includes the style of the paper, its citation, etc. If you do not provide any specific requirements upon uploading the request, your writer will format your paper according to a set standard that implies a double-spaced text in Arial 12pt as a font with one inch margins. As a rule, there are around 275 words on one page.