Tuning In TV Equals Telcos Double Value 1 1

 Tuning In TV Equates to Telcos Double Value 1 1 Composition

RECALL Zero 16 – Consumers, Convergence, Connectivity, plus the Cloud Tuning in: TELEVISION SET equals telcos' " double value”


08 Tuning in: TV equals telcos' " double value”

Considered once " yestertech” by the market, television is now becoming the central element of many telco strategies. Providers in older and growing markets alike are taking advantage of the income and new clients TV

attracts, making this vital element in any telco's

product lineup.

Digital television is rewriting the guidelines of the game for

telecommunications operators. Long considered marginal to their

business, successful players now look at pay-TV as a critical element of their go-to-market strategies for the residential portion. Borrowing strategies from the attacker's playbook, first movers within their field are finding they

have got a critical advantage. The key is to reconceptualize

all their business model, choosing the appropriate strategy

for their market context.

Myth and reality

Several generally held philosophy related to telcos and TELEVISION SET

have proven a misconception as total convergence increases momentum. The first is that TELEVISION is not only a telco organization. Actually, it can be – or should be. A newly released McKinsey survey in Europe

revealed that over 60 percent of consumers seek out tripleplay presents (voice, info, and TV) and consider TV the top element of three. In some marketplaces, TV is within

fact the important thing attribute normally, with around 2 . 5 times

the family member importance of the second most valued element (excluding price), and it is indeed the one which best distinguishes the present. Research also shows that desire for pay-TV has exploded across all marketplaces, both in developed and rising economies. For instance ,

telco-driven TV-based bundles constitute over 65 percent

in the revenue pool in one Latina American nation, and

analysts expect these kinds of revenues to grow for a price of over

9. 5% annually right through to 2014.

One more fallacy is that TV generates marginal profits.

Again, this can be untrue. Whilst currently even now small in

terms of revenues, lots that prominently feature

TV attract a complete half of all broadband clients and

are in charge of for a great outsized portion of gross

subscriber additions (Exhibit 1). Experience shows that

adding TELEVISION SET to a package increases upselling opportunities and boosts buyer retention. Sector forecasts appear to confirm this trend: TELEVISION SET and related IPTV support revenues are expected to see the most effective growth inside the telecoms industry (20 to 40 percent CAGR versus

1 . 9 percent in traditional telecommunications services). This has

provided a new tool to get telcos to consolidate earnings

growth simply by leveraging their particular current client base to generate upsell and preservation (with a combined benefit of up to thirty-five percent in direct margin).

A further misconception is that TV's only real use for

incumbent telcos is as a defensive technique in cableheavy mature market segments. In reality, non-cable players will be aggressively giving television, including mobile providers and satellite television companies. 1 satellite user in the UK – Sky, featuring a traditional TELEVISION offering bundled up

with fixed voice and broadband for the home – offers succeeded in entering the triple-play game and proclaiming a growing share of the internet connection market over the past

five years. Vodafone has also launched TV services above

IP since 2009 as being a strategy to improve its set value

idea on top of ADSL. The abiliyy of the

platform with all the Xbox 360 (in selected countries) has

do this even more attractive over the last 2 yrs.



Although tiny in stock, TV-driven lots account for a huge share of Although little in share, TV-driven packages account for a sizable share gross adds

of major adds

Retail segment


Small in stock …

Share of revenues

… relevant to customers …

Talk about of broadband


… crucial for future years

Share of gross brings

(in bundles)




SUPPLY: Analyst reports; McKinsey

Multiple strategies getting applied

Players have...

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