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Another Great Adventure

Roxanne Smith

HS 130, Physiology & Physiology II

Unit #9 Assignment

Kaplan College or university



Alright everybody, it's coming back us to set sail in yet another fun filled adventure. I was once again a reporter, but this time I was actually piloting a mini-sub. The mini-sub that I was piloting was subject to a miniaturization process making me and the sub simply 8 microns long. Regrettably, I have been swallowed by a 55 year old guy eating a hamburger, french fries and drinking a basic bear. Please join me ?nternet site pilot my sub through the gastrointestinal tract and travel and leisure my way down. Let me also be explaining any key organs that I may pass through as I embark on this journey and also what happens to the food during the digestive function process. Alright, let's start!

You start with my gastrointestinal system, digestion commences in the mouth where food is definitely acted upon by saliva and enzymes like amylase. Each of our digestive system is a parts of the body that takes in the nutrition and then breaks this down in order that our body cells can use this. Each physique part has a specific function to play in digestion and use of food. In this way the nutrition can be usable the moment transported for the cells. This consists of the alimentary canal, which is the long conduit within our bodies that starts while using mouth and ends together with the anus (" Human Diet, ” 2011). It also contains our salivary glands, in addition to the pancreas plus the liver. My personal saliva is set in the stream of a movement by my own brain reflex that sets in whenever I realize or smell food. Amylase is a great enzyme that breaks starch down into sweets. It is often present in human secretion, where this begins the chemical process of digestion (Princeton University, 2012). Some of the carbs within the foodstuff in my mouth happen to be broken down in smaller debris by the act of gnawing. From my mouth, the food moves to the throat or perhaps...

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