Green bank in Islami Bank Bangladesh ltd.

 Essay upon Green banking in Islami Bank Bangladesh ltd.

Internship Report


Green Bank in Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.

Made by:

jannat perroquet

Metric No .: B092254

Batch: 28th

Significant: Finance & Banking

Division of Business Administration

Time of Submission

06. '07. 13

Internship Report


Green Banking in Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.

SUPERVISed simply by:


Associate Professor

Department of Business Supervision

IIUC, Dhaka Campus.

Made by:

Florence Farzana

Metric No .: B092254

Group: 28th

Major: Finance & Banking

Office of Organization Administration

Date of Submitting

06july, 2013


July06, 2013


Tabassum Siddique

Assistant Professor & Internship Supervisor

Department of Business Administration

Worldwide Islamic College or university Chittagong

Dhaka Campus.

Subject matter: Submission of Internship Survey.

Dear Madam,

This is a fantastic pleasure to submit the Internships report in Green Bank in Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. while the requirement of the BBA software from Worldwide Islamic University Chittagong with major of Finance & Banking. I possess put mymaximum effort pertaining to preparing this report together with the support of IBTRA, IBBLDhanmondiBranch, Head office and from other options during the internship programeFrom April 21 years old to 06 02 2013 I have enjoyed preparing the report nevertheless it was challenging to finish inside the given period. Preparing this report, I have tried my level better to include all the relevant information. Nevertheless, there might be some mistakes due to various limitations. For this, I plead your kind consideration regarding this. I would become glad if you kindly agree to our statement for educational evaluation. Yours Sincerely

Florencia Farzana

Metric no: B092254

BBA Software (Major in Finance & Banking)IIUC, Dhaka Campus.


Internship Record on-. Green Banking in Islami Lender Bangladesh Limited. is ready with thoughtful and relevant documents with my immediate supervision. This kind of report can be submitted by simply Florence Farzana, a student of BBA, International Islamic School Chittagong, Dhaka Campus bearing Metric Not any: B092254, Set No: 25th has been recognized.


Tabassum Siddique

Assistant TEACHER & Internships Supervisor

Division of Business Administration

Worldwide Islamic University or college Chittagong

(Dhaka Campus)


You will find different directions in the assumptive and functional knowledge. Theory differs in a great way through the operation and implementation. There is no doubt that, to justify the theoretical knowledge, practical positioning has superb importance. An Internship plan brings students closer to the practical community. This realization of the Educational institutions has introduces the system and provision of Internship plan for trainees of BBA for better understanding and realization with all the practical work environment

Since BBA pupils, it was my own great pleasure to be touching the organization while IBBL, which is undoubtly one of the best performing banking Institution within our country. The internship system has given us huge opportunity to minimize the gapbetIen theoretical and practical knowledge. Here, I have study upon " Green Banking”


At first, most credits visit the almighty Thor, the most gracious and the the majority of merciful. I would really like to give thanks to our manager Tabassum Siddique, Assistant Mentor, Department of Business Operations, IIUC, DC, who read, revieId and provided ethical support and encouragement during my focus on making this report. Then I would like to express my deepest appreciation and because of all representatives and staffs of the Isalmi Bank Bangladesh Ltd, Dhanmondi Branch, because of their cooperation in providing various information. HoIver, the completion of this report would not have already been possible without the support and valuable tips received from your...

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