ICT Support Management: Botswana Free Shelter Case Study

 ICT Services Management: Makalamabedi, botswana Free Shelter Case Study Article

ICT Service Managing ICA [2014-15]

" Botswana Free Shelter”

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BFS (Botswana Totally free Shelter) is a recognised charitable organization set up to offer help, support and suggestions to any person in Botswana. BFS was set up to help people cope with personal, legal and financial complications by providing free of charge advice and information. In some cases visitors will be referred to other professionals to get help (doctors, social staff etc . ) BFS gives advice coming from over three or more, 000 community locations. Every office can be independently work and maintained. There is a head office which sets the standard to get quality of advice and supplies some schooling and support to the community locations. non-e of the community locations happen to be physically linked. Advice and information proposed by BFS is usually free, 3rd party, confidential and impartial. Every office has around 15-20 staff members. You will discover typically three to four employed (paid) staff each and every location (Managing Director, Admin, IT Officer and Legal Advisor/Finance Officer), with the remaining workforce being created up of delinquent volunteers whom work 2 or 3 days per week. In certain locations, the IT Official is also a great unpaid volunteer. Volunteers in many cases are made up of students who job part time. The Managing Representative, Secretary and Legal Expert are all commonly full time staff but the THAT Officer will frequently work only 2 or 3 days per week. All personnel (including volunteers) undertake training when they start off work with BFS, but this really is limited to fundamental rules such as not acquiring data house at the end with the working day as well as how to deal with upset residents. There is not any specific THAT training. The IT Police officer is required to embark on an ICS Learning Training course online if they start working pertaining to BFS. Once a year all the Handling Directors coming from community places meet to go over the future year and the way to implement any legal adjustments required. Presently, volunteers use a proprietary repository system to get writing records about folks who ask for suggestions. These records are available to any employee within the company, using a Windows shared sign in. There is no individual login for the data source. The records may include labels, addresses and other personal information. There exists nothing to quit staff taking a notebook to job and insert into the network using a network cable to reach the paperwork. The data source is kept on a single server in the back of school, with no back up copies. Although BFS have an information Protection statement they do not possess any other policies which relate to compliance and security. There is absolutely no Wi-Fi found in any of the office buildings. CCTV can be used in all areas to protect the safety of staff. Although BFS has a primary website the community locations do not have their own website. Key Organization Hours:

Community Location primary operational several hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm The community locations are currently run as drop-in only throughout the core several hours and it is not possible for visitors to make an appointment, though this could enhancements made on future. Portion 1 – Compliance and Security (30%)

Identify the safety and statutory requirements for data stored and used by the community locations. Identify the procedures required and present a brief description of each. Select one of the identified policies and write a thorough policy document for BFS.

Part 2 – Assistance Level Agreement (35%)

You have to write an internal Service Level Agreement to be used between central THIS department and outer office buildings to cover the desktop companies. The SLA should try to determine a typical minimum level of service delivery across all sites. The SLA includes all areas of delivery, and should include (in no particular order): Assistance Desk Procedure


Disaster Recovery

Change Management

Software Installation/updates

Equipment installation/updates

Change requests

Functional hours

Staff responsibilities


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