Strategic Marketing Starbucks

 Strategic Advertising Starbucks Dissertation

Strategic Advertising Starbucks

Proper Marketing Plan

for the

Starbucks Caffeine Company

Table of Contents

Introduction and background a few

Company quest, company goals 3

Industry definition and product or brand backdrop 4

Evaluation of benefits and conclusion about difficulty 5

Situational Analysis your five

Internal evaluation 5

Customer analysis six

Industry evaluation 8

Rival analysis 14

Distribution and supplier evaluation 11

SWOT analysis – Confrontation Matrix 12

Selection of option 13

Marketing objectives/ expected results 13

Online strategy 13

Focus on audiences 16

Brand and product position 14

Decisions regarding promoting mix elements 15

Goals for promoting mix factors 15

Strategies and methods for advertising mix elements 15

Financial indicators and budges of sixteen

Evaluation criteria 16

Resources 16

Introduction and background

Company objective, company targets

The 1st Starbucks cafГ© was opened up in 1971 in Seattle's historical Pike Place Market. It absolutely was only a small cafГ©, but it offered a number of the world's very best fresh-roasted whole bean espressos.

The company's name derives by Moby Dick, the story was written by the American author Herman Melville in 1851. Starbuck is the first mate on the whaling ship named ‘Pequod', he is a brilliant Quaker (religious group) and he is coming from Nantucket. The name evoked the love of the substantial seas and the seafaring custom of the early on coffee investors.

Starbucks chief, president and chief executive officer, Howard Schultz, strolled in 1981 into the initial Starbucks cafГ© and was so thinking about the espresso and the organization that he joined the corporation a year later.

Schultz travelled a few years later to Italy and when he returned he was influenced by the German coffee pubs and the love of the espresso experience. This individual wanted to create this ambiance is the US too. The cafe could be a third place between house and job.

Starbucks' objective is " to inspire and nurture the human soul – one person, one cup and 1 neighborhood in a time”.

Worldwide you will find at the moment 16, 706 shops of which 8, 850 happen to be company-operated stores and 7, 856 are licensed stores. These nearly 17, 1000 stores can be found in more than 50 countries.

Value technique

Starbucks can be operating under the value technique of product leadership. Creativity plays an essential role inside the corporate traditions of the organization. Starbucks is definitely listening cautiously to it is customers and tries to identify trends early in order to utilize them in its benefit.


Along the way of formulating objectives it is vital to keep in mind, that objectives have to be SMART (specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic, and timed).

2. In the long term, the organization strives for 30, 1000 selling details which will deliver Starbucks close to close to the size of McDonald's.

5. By 2015, all of our espresso will be grown using honest trading and responsible developing practices

* It is Starbucks goal that by 2015, 100% of its cups will be recylable or recyclable. It will also function to drastically reduce its environmental footprint through strength and normal water conservation, recycling and green construction.

* By 2015, we want to contribute one million volunteer hours each year to the communities.

These goals happen to be SMART and can be evaluated properly.

Market description and item or manufacturer background

The marketplace definition must be contained in the mission statement. The mission statement of Starbucks is: " to encourage and foster the human nature – one person, one cup and one neighborhood for a time”.

The quest is rather wide-ranging and does not offer any information about the market classification.

Starbucks' core business includes coffee and tea goods in all sorts and sizes, but the company also delivers special services for its clients, like wireless internet access (in cooperation with T-mobile).

Items range:

2. Whole bean...

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