"Importance of Garments Washing in Retailing Business”

 Importance of clothes Washing in Retailing Business Essay



" Importance of Clothing Washing in Retailing Business”

Faculty of Business & Economics

Section of Business Administration

Plan: MBA (Regular)

Semester: Summer-2013

Course Code: TAM 512

Course Name: Finishing & Washing with Lab

Published To:

Sumon Mazumder

Associate Professor

M. Engg. (BUET), M. South carolina. (Textile)

M. Sc. Engg. (Textile, DU)

Department of Textile Engineering

Submitted By simply:

Sabbir Ahmed Majumder

Particular date of Submission: 05. '08. 2013

Stand of articles

Serial No . | Brand of the Topic| Number of Webpages

1 . | Fly page| 1

installment payments on your | Cover page| a couple of

3. | Table of content| a few

4. | Objectives of Assignment| 4

5. | Abstract & Introduction| a few

6. | Garments washing & Retailing business| 6

7. | What is the goal of Garments Cleansing? | 7

8. | Requirements of garments washing| 7-8

9. | Effects of apparel washing| almost 8

10. | Types of Garments washing| on the lookout for

11. | Types of what equipment used in washing plant| 9-10

12. | Enzyme wash| 10-12

13. | Stone wash| 12-13

14. | Pigment wash| 13-14

12-15. | Acid wash| 14-15

16. | Sand Blasting| 15-16

seventeen. | What is Whisker? | 17

18. | Scraping or Blasting| 18

19. | Super White colored washes| nineteen

20. | Laser finishing| 19-20

21. | Marking & Process of Tagging| 20

22. | P. P spray & River Washing| 21

twenty-three. | P. P sponging| 22

24. | Milling & Destroy| 23

25. | Chevrons & Various kinds of washing faults| 24| twenty six. | Bottom line & References| 25

Aims of Job

1) To find out about the Garments washing.

2) To know regarding the dedication of the Selling business. 3) To know regarding the different types of garments cleansing. 4) To be aware of the purpose of the garments washing.

5) To know the requirments of clothes washing.

6) To know the industrial uses of clothes washing.

7) To know the different types of garments washing machine. 8) To be aware of various types chemical substances used in clothes washing. 9) To know the client demand cleansing in the garments industry. 10) To know the fashion out look of a ready made garments. 11) To know the various types of clothes washing faults.


Cleansing is one of the most critical finishing remedies applied on garments that have great usage to produce special outlooks and increasing the fashion. Technologically denim washing is the most important trend element pertaining to clothing market. Usually the term ‘washing' is quite significantly utilized in case of stitched apparels it is therefore very essential to observe the effects which were made by particular washing around the fabrics to keep the features of stitched apparels.[1] The purpose of this assignment is to learn about the garments washing in details. Garments cleaning can be done in all of the types of fabrics such as Denim, Twill, Made, Poplin, Fabric, Corduroy, Polyester-made, Viscose & Nylon and so forth Different types of flushes like normal, enzyme, rock, silicon, sandblasting, acid and so on can be done pertaining to garments cleaning.


Cleaning process by which heavy or perhaps slight messing is eliminated and utilized in the water as a solution or dispersion. Cleansing has the effect of cleaning surfaces. The resulting effect can be several physical/ chemical operations. Garment washing is the best contact of a garment. Same kind of garments can produce several effects for several clean. To create clean look appearance, seems the new touch of style. [2]

In the readymade garment sector garments' cleansing is a new-technology. After making garment from solid color dyed or pigment branded fabric, the clothes are cleaned. By garment washing color, hand experience, outlook of clothes are altered. Normally outfit washing means cleaning.

Cleaning is one of the most significant finishing remedies applied on apparels that have superb usage to create special outlooks and enhancing the fashion. Technically denim cleaning is...

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