Insurance Industry

 Insurance Sector Essay

Summer Internship Task Report

Souvik Guha

Site: Mumbai

ISB& M, Kolkata(PGPBM 2011-13)

The spring 23rd 2012 to Sept 23rd 2012

Topic: Study on Product sales & Placement of Insurance Products in India

Commence Guide:

This can be to approve that the Project Work named " Exploration on sales & placement of Insurance Products in India” is a bonafide work of Souvik Guha (Roll No: P/MN/R/11/001) carried out in partial fulfillment for being PGPBM Trimester 4 of ISB& M, Kolkata under my advice. This task work is original and not submitted before for being any degree / diploma or degree or connect of some other Institution.

Place: Mumbai

Day: 31/08/2012

Unsecured personal of the Information:

Company Guideline:

This is to certify which the Project Job titled " Research upon sales & position of Insurance Items in India” is a legitimate work of Souvik Guha of ISB& M, Kolkata under my personal guidance.

Place: Mumbai

Time: 31/08/2012

Signature of the Guide:


I actually, Souvik Guha, hereby declare that the Task Work titled " Research on revenue & placement of Insurance Products in India” is definitely the original work by me personally and published to ISB& M, Kolkata in part fulfillment of requirements to get the award of Content Graduate Degree or diploma in Business Supervision in Marketing & Fund is a record of unique work done by simply me under the supervisions of Prof Debarghya Bagchi, Foreign school of Business & Media and Mr Anirudh Jain, Mind of Circulation, Destimoney Investments Pvt Limited.

Roll Simply no: P/MN/R/11/001.


Signature with the Student:


I would like to acknowledge my own indebtedness to several personalities, however for whom, this kind of project wasn't able to have seen the sunshine of the day. I wish to express my own heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Sreekumar Sreedhar, Assistant Vp, Product & Business Advancement who has led me through the project and has been a great immense method to obtain inspiration. I actually am likewise grateful, intended for his support and advice throughout this kind of project with valuable information and supplying me a better insight with the things, with out which the good culmination with this project may not have been conceivable. Not only did he inspire me throughout the progress from the project, but , also encouraged me to get a tip into the discipline of my personal work.

I would personally also like to thank Mister. Anirudh Jain, Head of Distribution, Destimoney Securities Non-public Limited to get his direction during the summer internship. I actually am also grateful to the whole Circulation Team of Destimoney Investments Private Limited comprising of Mrs Sanjana Nayak, Mister Rahul Choksi and Mister Manoj Patel, among others.

I would personally also like to thank Mr Sambit Kumar Ghosh, Vp HR, Destimoney Securities Exclusive Limited to get giving myself the opportunity to do my Summertime Internship System in Destimoney Securities Personal Limited.

I would personally also like to extent my immense gratitude to Prof. Debarghya Bagchi, Academic Chairperson and respected Prof. Surrendra Poddar Campus In-Charge, International college of Organization & Multimedia, Kolkata whom allowed myself to choose the subject for my personal internship and guide me during the course of my internship.


Introduction.. six

About the Company.. 7

Abstract.. 8

Life insurance coverage.. 8

Standard Insurance.. on the lookout for

4. Products I dealt With.. 11

five. Indian Insurance Market.. 12-15

6. Difficulties.. 16

7. Statistics.. 16

General Insurance(Health).. 16

Life Insurance.. 20

almost 8. Scope.. 28

9. Conclusion.. 28


This report is about my personal internship in Destimoney Investments Private Limited for a length of 5months we. e. by April 23rd 2012 to September 23rd 2012.

Destimoney Securities Personal Limited is among the...

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