Itrends Dissertation



An investigation Paper Provided to

Mr. Dustin Celestino

School of Multimedia Disciplines

Asia Pacific College

Magallanes, Makati Metropolis

In Partial Fulfillment

from the Requirements for the Study course


Term three or more, school 12 months 2012-2013

by simply

Krisleen Summer B. Rivera

February 2013

Chapter one particular


A. Background of the Study

Before the world of computer systems came up, the word compromise is already applied a long time ago. From the era from the creative brains, Socrates and Galileo, compromise can be a distinct word to them however it means they have their own theory and methods on how to manage to run not really a system but the mind more. Having a subject like Data Security, there are some chapters which will be discuss employing. PDF documents and people also be a short documentary observing about hacking. The word compromise was already existed since then. This even started out on the mobile phone lines. Some of the hackers are called " phreaks” or " Phone Phreaking”. It is the fine art and research of damage the phone network (so as, for example , to create free long calls). Simply by extension, security-cracking in any different context (especially, but not exclusively, on marketing and sales communications networks).

Age does not matter about hackers. Cyber-terrorist can be about their mid-20s or 30s and above. There are also young adults who can hack different sort of system simply by using their computer systems and doing some hacking expertise. Many sort of attacks could be executed not only physically although also by using systems and computers. There is an article by outspan which is Meaning of Hacking as well as the Different Sort of Hackers. The writer named outspan said that, " When you notice news regarding hackers going through a website, your reaction will certainly typically require dilating learners and astonishment -- in the event the website is usually your individual, symptoms may include a big deal of swearing and deep hate for the hacking community as well. Everything you probably don't know, though, is that not all hackers are doing this for their natural amusement: a few of them may did it with out malicious motives, some others despite having the aim of enhancing your security system. Irrespective of what you may well have heard, the meaning associated towards the word 'hacking' is a confident one, and it mainly refers to the capability and desire to understand the interior mechanisms whereby different components in the ICT world (typically computer programs) work. For that reason, even frequent computer programmers are sometimes known as hackers. Yet , it would be extremely hard to group all 'hackers' in a single category: the reasons which may bring someone to break a website (or computer system program) reliability can be different and duration from respectable intentions (security testing/improving by attack simulation) to not-so-noble ones (testing their encoding ability, getting at secret info, or just executing it for the sake of doing it). Or perhaps for politics reasons. ” (

With mass media, the term " hacking” has developed a bad connotation rather than the positive one particular it had. Defining somebody as a very good hacker should contain a great ethics about how it will be performed using their skills. The organization uses what the moral hacker discovers to improve the device security, in order to minimize, in the event not eradicate, any potential hacker episodes. (

Since this study is in the part of hacktivist, this research paper will certainly focus being aware of only who hack by means of political movements and can be inhibited if they may be considered as an ethical or unethical inside their actions.

B. Statement of the Issue

This research aims to response this issue:

1 . Does the hacktivist may very well be as ethical or dishonest in their approach or actions in the World Wide Web?

C. Significance in the Study...

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