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 lesson program Essay



At the end with the lesson, the grade six pupils are expected to perform at least 73% of performance level: a) To establish earth.

b) To spot earth's several layers.

c) To familiarize the arrangement of earth's level.


The Earth's Area

Materials: example, puzzle, egg and activity sheets.

Reference: Technology and Well being 6 pp. 89 Forward6171: Science 6th pp. 102-104


A) Preparatory Activities

Teacher's Activities Student's Actions

Good morning class!

Are you ready to get our lessons today?


a) Drill

I've here an illustration in the Solar system.

I want one to identify every planet which i am going to point. (Student's perform as told)

b) Assessment

Okay school, before we all proceed to each of our next lesson.

I want to include a short review of our past lesson. The other day

we mentioned solar system, proper?

Now, what is solar system?

At this point, who can produce the being unfaithful planets inside the solar system?

B) Lesson Correct

a) Inspiration

Class, do you need to have an activity?

Ok. Now, I have below a challenge. I want one to arrange it

and type a picture on it. I need five volunteers to do the said task. (Student's will conduct as told)

Now, that can tell me precisely what is the image shaped in front?

Incredibly good! That is certainly our planet, Globe.

So , who can define The planet?

Very well stated. Earth can be described as planet in which people can easily live.

b) Presentation

(The teacher will show a hardboiled egg that may be

being piece into two equal parts. )

c) Discussion/Analysis

Course, I did work with egg as an example because it is similar

to the earth. The cover of the egg is the brown crust area. The white-colored portion may be the mantle as well as the egg yolk is the key.


Right now, we are going to have got another activity but this time,

a group activity. Let me group you into four groups.

(The teacher will provide the groupings with activity sheets which will contains the recommendations. After executing the activity, they are going to check the papers. )

d) Generalization

At this point, I want one to plot every single layer of the earth. I've

here a great illustration around the board and i also want you to be familiar with the arrangement of every layer.

Okay, let's begin immediately. Who can plot the 1st part, the brown crust area?

Very good. Who can story the 2nd layer, the layer?

Good. Right now, the last coating, the core?

Excellent! Wonderful job class.

e) Software

This time, I want you to create a sentence or perhaps paragraph

on so why we need to study about the top of earth?


Course: choose the correct answer to total the sentence in your essay. 1) (crust, mantle, core) is broken into continental and organic. 2) (core, brown crust area, mantle) is composed of solid and hot molten rocks. 3) (mantle, core, crust) can be divided into two parts, the exterior and internal.


Let me give you a great assignment. So why do you think man of science study globe's interior? Publish your answer in your lecture notebook.



At the conclusion of the school, the class three students are expected to accomplish following with at least 75% overall performance level: a) To be able to employ expressions to demonstrate locations.

b) To be able to inquire wh-questions about the pictures/sentences. c) In order to write sentences using in, on, under, above and below.


Using Preposition

Components: Illustrations, Images, Flash credit cards, Activity linens Reference: British for all times LTX 3pp. 172-177

English for all times TM 3pp. 162


A) Preparatory Actions

Teacher's Actions Student's Actions

Do you want for each of our lesson class? Yes, sir!

Good. So , what will you do if the teacherdon't be raucous, sit up straight and it is already speaking in front? pay attention carefully.

a) Drill

I have some phrases written on the

flash greeting cards. I will be reading these words and phrases first

then you stick to after me personally. Understand? Certainly, sir!

Gorgeous Beautiful


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