Letter of Recommendation for a Modern day Communications' Scholar

 Letter of Recommendation for a Modern Communications’ Student Essay


Letter of advice

It is a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Miss. Annie David I have tutored her for 2 years, wherever I taught her Processor based system Design in III rd year and Modern Communications in the Final year. Through my declaration, I would like to state that she's attentive, studious and articulate. She always has a positive frame of mind towards examine.

Annie is not easy working college student. Her assignments have been cool and specific to the items. Given a task she is capable to complete this within the established period. This wounderful woman has never presented one an possibility to rebuke her for nearly anything. Although shy and placid, her friendly and positive attitude, always ready to loan a helping hand towards her good friends in times of problems makes her popular. The girl with always attentive to whatever has become taught inside the class. She is always ready with her course work.

Annie had presented a very good workshop on ‘BEOWULF IN

SUPERCOMPUTING' during her final session in W. Tech. She presented that with confidence and a articulate manner. I actually graded her 46/50. Her proficiency in her themes and English language shows that this wounderful woman has

the potential to become a good instructor. She

acquired also offered a proj

ect named ‘CHAT SERVER' during N. TECH using HTML,

JAVA SERVLETS/APPLETS in Windows NT and MS Access as back-end. She also had a incredibly good knowledge in computer system.

I have a strong opinion that she has designed the right understanding to do well in Graduate research and hence strongly recommend her pertaining to an admission as well as all the necessary financial assistantship.

I wish her grand success in all her future undertakings.


Prof. Umesh Raj.

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