Like the Molave

 Like the Molave Essay

Just like the Molave

By: Rafael Zulueta da Costa

Not as yet, Rizal, not. Sleep certainly not in tranquility:

A large thousand seas to be spanned;

a few thousand mountain range to be entered;

there is a thousand passes across to be paid for.

Each of our shoulders are generally not strong; the sinews happen to be

expanded flaccid with dependence, smug with ease

under another's wing. Snooze not in peace;

Not yet, Rizal, not yet. The land offers need

of fresh blood-and, what younger than your own,

Forever spilled inside the great identity of liberty,

Permanently oblate around the altar of

the free? Certainly not you alone, Rizal. O souls

And spirits of the martyred brave arise!

Occur and check the area! Shed again

the willing blood! Infuse the vibrant red

into our thin anemic blood vessels; until

we pick-up your Promethean tools and, strong,

Out of the depthless matrix of your faith

in all of us, and on the silent coves of independence,

we carve for all time your marmoreal dream!

Until each of our people, viewing, are turn into

such as the Molave, company, resilient, staunch,

growing on the hillside, unafraid,

Strong in its own dietary fiber, yes, just like the Molave!


Not yet, Rizal, not yet. The wonder hour may come

Out of the silent fantasizing

in the seven 1000 fold peace and quiet

We shall emerge, stating WE ARE FILIPINOS!

and no longer become ashamed

sleep certainly not in serenity

the dream can be not yet totally carved

hard the wood but harder in a bad neighborhood

the molave can stand

yet the molave monument is going to rise

and god's walk on brown thighs

The Literary Interpretation Of Like The Molave:

Simply by: Rosie Normanton

The main model of the Filipino poem Like the Molave is usually one relating to how the people today belonging to the Philippines need to work to help make the nation better. The poem states that the region in the Philippines -- Rizal - cannot yet rest, since there is still much job to be done to make the region successful. At the beginning of the poem, the poet outlines the way the Philippines depends on various other nations, and must work towards...

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