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Brau, Adam C.; Woller, Gary M.

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Microfinance: A thorough review of the current literature Log of Gumptiouspioneering, up-and-coming Finance, JEF Provided in cooperation with: Academy of Entrepreneurial Financing (AEF), Montrose, CA

Recommended citation: Brau, James C.; Woller, Whilst gary M. (2004): Microfinance: An extensive review of the existing literature, Diary of Entrepreneurial Finance, JEF, ISSN 1551-9570, Vol. being unfaithful, Iss. you, pp. 1-27,

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Microfinance: A thorough Review of the present Literature

Adam C. Brau+ Brigham Fresh University

and Gary M. Woller++ Brigham Young School

Although the expression finance with the term microfinance, and the key elements of microfinance are those of the finance discipline, microfinance has but to break in to the mainstream or perhaps entrepreneurial fund literature. The objective of this article is to introduce the finance academic community for the discipline of microfinance and microfinance institutions (MFIs). You can expect a comprehensive report on over three hundred and fifty articles and address the difficulties of MFI sustainability, products and services, management techniques, clientele aimed towards, regulation and policy, and impact assessment.


Rick Brau can be Assistant Professor of Financing and Goldman Sachs Teachers Fellow at the Marriott Institution, Brigham Youthful University. His research contains entrepreneurial financing, initial public offerings, and microfinance/microenterprise. He has posted in the Record of Financial Economics, Journal of Business, Diary of Financial Research, Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance, Managerial Financial, and Journal of Business Education and others. ++ Gary Woller is definitely Associate Teacher of Community Management on the Marriott College, Brigham Fresh University. His articles in microfinance and international development have appeared in a number of peer-reviewed academic magazines, including Diary of Intercontinental Development, World Development, Insurance plan Studies Record, Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, Non-Profit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Modern day Economic Coverage, and the International Review of Economics and Financing. Gary is usually co-founder and co-editor from the Journal of Microfinance.


Introduction Even though the word fund is in the term microfinance, plus the core portions of microfinance are those of the finance self-control, microfinance offers yet in order to into the popular or pioneeringup-and-coming finance literary works. The purpose of here is info to expose the financing academic community to the self-discipline of microfinance and microfinance institutions (MFIs). We provide a comprehensive review of over 350 articles or blog posts and address the issues of MFI durability, products and services, administration practices, consumers targeting, rules and insurance plan, and effects assessment....

Sources: 21

Goldmark, Lara, 2001, Microenterprise development in Latin America: Toward a new overall flexibility, Journal of Socio – Economics 30, 145-149

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