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TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' in the event the statement can be false.

1) Advertising on the internet is growing at approximately 10 % a year.

Answer: Authentic False

2) Designing a new product, satisfying an buy, and hiring a new worker are examples of business procedures.

Answer: True Phony

3) A fully digital firm produces only digital goods or services.

Answer: The case False

4) A business model identifies how a business produces, provides, and provides a product or perhaps service to build a fortune. Answer: True False

5) Technology (IT) involves all the components that a organization needs to use in order to obtain its organization objectives, whereas information systems consist of each of the software and business techniques needed.

Answer: Accurate False

6) Personal computers are only component to an information program.

Solution: True Fake

7) Information systems literacy describes the behavioral approach to info systems, while computer literacy describes the technical approach.

Solution: True Phony

8) The proportions of information systems are management, organizations, and information technology.

Answer: The case False

9) Expertise workers assist with paperwork in any way levels of the organization.

Answer: True Phony

10) There are 4 major business functions: Prospective; manufacturing and production; fund and accounting; and i . t.

Solution: True False

11) In order to learn how a specific organization firm uses information systems, you need to know something about the structure and culture of the firm.

Solution: True Bogus

12) Business operations are realistically related tasks for accomplishing tasks which have been formally encoded by an organization.

Answer: True Phony

13) A substantial element of management responsibility is innovative work motivated by fresh knowledge and information.

Answer: The case False

14) Intranets allow businesses to job easily with third-party suppliers and sellers.

Answer: True Fake

15) An THAT infrastructure offers the platform which the firm can build its info systems.

Answer: The case False

16) UPS's use of Web-affiliated tools that allow consumers to embed UPS features such as monitoring and cost calculations into their own Web sites was an info systems option used to achieve customer closeness.

Solution: True Bogus

17) Studies include consistently proven that businesses who spend greater sums in information technology receive higher benefits than firms that invest significantly less.

Answer: The case False

18) Govt and private sector standards are examples of complementary social assets required to boost returns from IT purchases.

Response: True Fake

19) A firm that invests in efficient business procedures is investing in company complementary resources.

Answer: True Phony

20) The behavioral approach to info systems leaves aside specialized solutions to instead analyze the psychological, cultural, and financial impacts of systems.

Answer: The case False

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best finishes the declaration or answers the question.

21) The six crucial business targets of information technology are new items, services, and business types; customer and supplier intimacy; survival; competitive advantage; functional excellence; and

A) improved overall flexibility.

B) improved decision making.

C) improved organization practices.

D) increased efficiency.


22) Dell Computer's make use of information systems to improve performance and put into practice " mass customization" ways to maintain regular profitability and an industry lead illustrates which business aim?


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