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 Express your chosen degree program for Kaplan College or university. If you are a grounds student, you should list your house campus.

-Associate of Applied Research in Medical Office Management

 Precisely what is the countrywide median earnings for the actual job you wish to pursue?

-$84, 270 annually

 Precisely what is the demand intended for jobs in the geographical location (or to plan to live after graduation)?

SC- High Demand

 Are there any essential professional certifications (besides the amount you will finish at Kaplan) you will need to execute certain responsibilities of the work? If therefore , how do you plan to meet the criteria pertaining to applying and obtaining the extra education?

-Yes, a professional certificate is necessary it is Accredited Medical Workplace Manger (CMOM).

- I will start by getting a year knowledge which is required before getting the certificate or complete the supplement schooling which is presented to me. Let me work and find out all I must obtain my needed license.  Are available certain software accreditations needed from your educational institution to execute certain opportunities in your chosen field? Does Kaplan have that accreditation?

-No you will find not particular program accreditations needed.


 Precisely what is the overall task outlook for your chosen field?

-22% which is faster than average

 Discuss at least five " duties” you will do within your profession on a daily/weekly basis.

- I will have to supervise and measure the work of different personnel including nurses, routine service, clerical, and ect.

- Handle accounting, plan the budget, and monetary reports.

-- Hire and train employees.

- Generate work schedules and assignments to get the staff.

- Keep communication between medical staff, department brain,

-Attend panel meetings

 List by least 3 tools and technology you will need in this job

- Computers (Desktop, Notebook, or Personal)


-- Medical Application (Electronic medical software)

- Electronic mail application (Outlook)


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