Nervous System and Fst-01 Assignment Code

 Nervous Program and Fst-01 Assignment Code Essay

Foundation Training course in Technology and Technology

Bachelor's Degree Programme (BDP)



(Tutor Marked Assignment)

Course Code: FST-01

Project Code: FST-01/TMA/2010

Maximum Signifies: 100

Response all the questions provided below.

Q. 1a)With two cases from sector, explain the role of science in production procedure. (5)

b)Discuss the successes in the aspects of quantitative scientific research and transport during Bronze age. (5)

Q. 2a)Briefly discuss the developments in mathematics and astronomy during Gupta period in India. (5)

b)Compare the state of research and technology during Renaissance with that of post Renaissance period in Europe. (5)

Q. 3a)With the help of the ideal example, make clear how medical approach will help solve personal problems. (5)

b)Describe Kepler's laws linked to planetary movement. (5)

Queen. 4a)How have optical astronomy and radio astronomy assisted in the examine of universe? (5)

b)Discuss the features of planet Roter planet (umgangssprachlich) gathered until date by scientists. (5)

Q. 5a)With the help of an illustration explain the systems look at of lifestyle. (2)

b)Explain the theory of natural variety proposed simply by Darwin. (3)

c)Explain the carbon circuit with the help of a diagram. How can human activities have altered the balance of carbon circuit? (5)

Queen. 6a)List virtually any four outcomes of deforestation. (2)

b)Explain the position of distant sensing approach in reference exploration. (3)

c)Discuss many ways to manage drinking water resources. (2)

d)Describe any kind of three types of agrotechniques used in India. (3)

Queen. 7a)List any five groups of nutrients with one example food group of every single. Write their particular roles in human health. (5)

b)What are contagious diseases? Supply the names of two illnesses caused by viruses. How does our body battle against germs? (5)

Q. 8a)Describe the strength components of nervous system....

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