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Phase 3 Beliefs, Attitudes, and Job Pleasure



1 . ____ represent basic convictions that " a specific mode of conduct or end state of existence is usually personally or perhaps socially considerably better an opposing mode of conduct. ” a. Principles

b. Thinking

c. Convictions

d. Preferences

(a; Modest; p. 63)

2 . This article attribute says a value is definitely:

a. total.

b. essential.

c. a fundamental conviction.

d. related to behavior.

(b; Moderate; p. 63)

3. Once we rank a person's values in terms of his/her _____, we obtain the person's value program. a. power

b. content material

c. circumstance

d. interpersonal acceptance

(a; Moderate; g. 63)

4. Values best described as:

a. flexible.

n. synonymous with attitudes.

c. consistent between occupational groupings.

d. reasonably stable over time.

(d; Modest; p. 64)

5. Rokeach studied instrumental values and:

a. terminal values.

b. attitudes.

c. ethical decision making.

d. speed of making decisions.

(a; Modest; p. 64)

6. Rokeach found that the instrumental worth of committed (hardworking and aspiring) persons was relevant to the airport terminal value of: a. a comfortable life.

w. freedom.

c. happiness.

deb. self-respect.

(a; Challenging; Exh. 3-1; s. 65)

several. According to Rokeach, _____ values refer to desirable end-states of existence. a. instrumental

b. artistic

c. theoretical

d. airport terminal

(d; Modest; p. 64)

8. Which in turn of the pursuing was ranked as the highest terminal worth by management? a. family members security

b. self-respect

c. equality

m. freedom

(b; Challenging; Exh. 3-2; l. 65)

9. Frederick and Weber created a list of beliefs that are organised by several organizational organizations. Which from the following teams ranked " honest” as the highest instrumental value? a. union users and activists

b. executives and union members

c. executives and activists

m. existentials

(c; Challenging; Exh. 3-2; l. 65)

twelve. Which class of dominant job values is likely to characterize a 60-year-old employee? a. pragmatism

b. egalitarianism

c. existentialism

d. Simple work ethic

(c; Challenging; Exh. 3-3; p. 65)

10. At which era is a staff most likely to be seen as a values that place substantial loyalty in career? a. 30

m. 40

c. 50

m. 60

(b; Challenging; l. 66)

12. Those individuals whose lives had been shaped by globalization, MTV, AIDS, and computers; who also value flexibility, life options and the success of work satisfaction, are referred to as the: a. Experts.

b. Boomers.

c. Nexters.

d. Xers.

(d; Convenient; p. 66)

13. Over the mid-1970s, the managerial positions were focused by Veterans, whose loyalties were to all their employer. The moment faced with honest dilemmas, their particular decisions were made in terms of: a. what was perfect for their organization.

b. what was best for their very own family.

c. what was great for society.

m. what was best for them with an individual basis.

(a; Average; p. 68)

14. _____ tended to be dedicated to their company.

a. Veterans.

b. Boomers.

c. Nexters.

d. Xers.

(a; Moderate; Exh. 3-3; p. 66)

15. _____ entered the task force from your mid-1960s throughout the mid-1980s. a. Veterans.

m. Boomers.

c. Nexters.

deb. Xers.

(c; Moderate; Exh. 3-3; p. 66)

of sixteen. The most recent traders to the staff are:

a. Veterans.

m. Boomers.

c. Nexters.

deb. Xers.

(c; Moderate; g. 67)

seventeen. The devotion of _____ is to all their careers.

a. Veterans.

m. Boomers.

c. Nexters.

g. Xers.

(b; Moderate; s. 68)

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