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India Entertainment and Media Outlook 2011




Pleasant to PwC's India Entertainment and Multimedia Outlook 2011, analysing eight entertainment and media (E& M) market segments. We now have detailed important trends and challenges in each of the segments besides rendering their long term prospects. In addition , we have provided our thoughts about tax and regulatory concerns as well as the technology that is impacting on the division of content in the industry. The year 2010 saw the global economy begin to cure a large decline which in turn saw a rebound in consumer spend, marketing spend and the most importantly E& M spend worldwide. Advertisements in particular taking place a remarkable comeback in the majority of markets. The earth in general continued its shift towards ‘digital' though the value of transform was several in many marketplaces. India documented one of the maximum growth rates in the world for 11. 2% in 2010. Yet, this was below projected, typically due to the bad growth inside the film part, with all the various other segments growing as projected. E& M revenues in India keep on being largely non-digital with TELEVISION, print and film constituting almost 90% of the sector. While buyer preference continually change, the shift to digital can be hindered by simply poor system as well as cost of high speed and mobile. Our forecast period would not show a dramatic change. However , because the change is certainly not aggressive does not always mean digital income will remain unimportant. We always believe that this situation is temporary and once system is in place, change will probably be rapid. The industry must use this the perfect time to prepare for the digital globe. In this edition, we also present the views on the elements of the digital venture of the future. For PwC, we all continue to screen trends and developments which may impact your business now in future. We appreciate your feedback and request you to always tell us what can make the India E& M Prospect more helpful to you. For extra clarification in matters within the Outlook, please contact one of the PwC E& M professionals named through this publication. Finally, we i want to thank your support and wish you an exciting and worthwhile year in advance.

Ambarish Dasgupta

Executive Representative, Leader, TICE, PwC India

Timmy Kandhari

Executive Director, Leader, Entertainment & Mass media, PwC India

India Entertainment and Mass media Outlook 2011



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India Entertainment and Media Perspective 2011

summer Industry summary 22 Tv set 44 Printing media 49 Film seventy two Radio promoting 82 Music

90 Internet advertising and get 104 Out-of-home advertising 110 Animation, video gaming and visual effects (VFX)

122 Sports entertainment 126 Duty and regulating issues a hundred and forty four Technology India Entertainment and Media View 2011 your five

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We could pleased to present the 2011 edition of PwC's India Entertainment and Media Perspective. The information with this publication reflects the collective wisdom of your large crew of professionals who work with entertainment and press (E& M) companies in India and overseas. It is a unique resource for the sector, offering a five-year outlook for global consumer spending and promoting revenues, along with insights in the technology, authorities, political and business tendencies driving individuals forecasts. six PwC

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