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Fastened & Tea Leaf Marketing Plan

Beans & Tea Leaf Advertising Plan

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Overview

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf [CBTL] was founded simply by Herb & Mona Hyman in 1963 in Brentwood, California. CBTL is the oldest and most significant privately held specialised coffee and tea store in the United States and celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. According to Vacuums, online, the company operates around 900 franchised stores globally with product sales of $198. 1 mil last year. CBTL serves various coffee, tea and mixed drinks. CBTL stores sell a variety of bulk coffee and tea along with assorted equipment such as tea pots, infusers, and caffeine cups. CBTL's three main competitors are: Starbucks, Peet's Coffee and Tea, and Caribou Caffeine Company ( CBTL slogan says " find the flavor…is not only words it is just a commitment to the customers plus the foundation upon which we operate” ( CBTL selects the particular top one particular percent of Arabic espresso beans for its coffee and uses the finest hand-plucked whole tea leaves. CBTL carefully roasts their coffees through the " art of crafting” to produce the best mouth watering coffee ( They develop coffees coming from light and subtle to dark and distinctive. The company purchases their tea leaves directly from the growers in Sri Lanka, Kenya, China, Asia, Thailand, and India. Purchasing direct through the grower ensures the tea leaves are handcrafted to CBTL's specifications for top quality, taste, and heritage. Cultivated close jewelry to the farmers helps CBTL stay connected to the people intended for whom the tea is actually a livelihood, which usually goes beyond reasonable wages by providing back to the plantations, estates, and neighborhoods by promoting local education and health-care programs ( CBTL thinks strongly in social responsibility and donates to charitable organizations, foundations, and schools in the usa and around the world. Their gift program is referred to as " The Caring Cup” ( The have reinforced domestic courses in the United States such as The Help Group and Support from Home. CBTL donates $1 for every pound of a special blend of coffee. Coffee Bean is still expanding and a significant competitor is Starbuck's.

Description in the New Product or Service

In an attempt to gain market transmission and enhance product acknowledgement we, Beans and Tea Leaf, will be creating and marketing Snack option for customers. Through innovative design we are able to:

* Visually the experience will probably be such that consumers feel like they are really using a CBTL brewing device. * The taste experience will/shall deliver steady and great product that engender a feeling of comfort and wish for CBTL items. * Acquaint consumers with our brand and design.

* Bundle/group advertising with this vending/remote experience. 2. Deliver and repeat the CBTL quest statement and experience. Through strategic placement we will be in a position to:

5. Take advantage of natural gaps in potential industry places, properties, campuses, home supply Stores, industrial and, business centers. * Compete with rivals where in expensive markets/locations. * Utilize strategic partnerships complement advertising customer encounter. Partnerships will be formed to capitalize on possible marketing and cost synergy * Choosing existing businesses that have interactions with our preferred customers we are able to create mutually beneficial partnerships. Bed Shower Beyond, Costco, Pets Mart etc . 2. Proving Internet access with dexterity with Verizon or F?R ATT can provide one other mutually useful venture through adding value to our total product experience. This system will very compatible with social media

* Offers will be executed through social websites.

5. Friends/networks could have ability to gift idea others refreshments redeemable in vending and...

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