Application of Sturctural Geology to Petroleum Engineering

 Essay about Application of Sturctural Geology to Petroleum Anatomist



Name: Claudine V. Tanyag

Year & Course: PetE-3201

Topic: Putting on Structural Geology in the Field of Architectural Speaker: Engr. Dan Emmanuel MonteAlegre

Particular date and Time: March 3, 2013 six: 00-12: 00pm

Venue: Batangas State College or university Main Grounds II Sound Visual Space

I. Intro

Seminars would be the platform to fulfill the people with same interest and learn a whole lot at one clip with most material compressed in short. And, we all as petroleum engineers, seminars will help us a lot to gain more understanding and appreciate those classes which are left unanswered in our minds.

The speaker Engr. Dan Emmanuel Montealegre from DOE, tackled more regarding the reservoir rather than strength geology since it is not his forte to talk about geology. In accordance to him, a geologist must be the one to discuss it because it is their very own area of specialty area. Engr. Montealegre discussed the overview in reservoir portrayal with backdrop in geology.

II. Expertise / Learning Acquired

Because Petroleum Technical engineers we are more worried about with the production of hydrocarbon, which can be both crude oil or perhaps natural gas. We could involved in the majority of stages of oil and gas field evaluation, expansion and creation. Knowing and memorizing the concepts is definitely not enough, one should be able to put it on especially when you are working in the field. Knowing also some of the concepts in geology will help us to identify geologic structures that could help us to locate conceivable reservoirs. We must be able to assess potential gas and oil reservoirs.

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