Rogers Chocolate- Case Analysis

 Rogers Chocolate- Case Analysis Essay

Roger's Chocolate

Case Examination

Table of Contents

External Analysis

A. Chief Economic Characteristics 3

M. Five Power Analysis almost 8

C. Traveling Forces10

D. Overall Elegance of Industry13

E. Group Map15

Inside Analysis

A. Identification of Business Strategy15

B. Monetary Analysis17

C. SWOT Analysis19

Test of Winning Technique

A. Suit Test20

W. Competitive Edge Test21

C. Performance Test23

D. Identity of Proper Issues24

Elizabeth. Recommendations25

F. Revenues/Expenses Projections26

G. Internet Summary26


External Examination

A. Chief Economic Qualities

Key economic characteristics| Com*| PP*| Perspective of industry's insiders| Perspective of industry's outsiders| Perspective of Company| Market size: Channel $167 , 000, 000 -Rogers chocolate are expensive, generally sold in Canada and good for a limited customers | (-)| (+) | | | | Market growth rate: Medium, Sluggish (Stage in the product life cycle-Growth Stage)-Although this can be a meals, Roger's chocolate is high end and only provides a few| (+) | (-)| | | | Scope of rivalry-Broad: Many other companies make chocolate, quality and name are really simply what changes| (+) | (-)| | | | Number of rivalries-Moderate-Not too many high end competitors when compared with overall chocolates makers | (-)| (+)| | | | Item differentiation-Strong Channel: many types/flavors of candy possible-i. at the. milk, dark, white and can add jelly or bits of items to some of the chocolate like raspberries, strawberries, almonds etc…| (+) | (-)| | | | Buyer's needs & Volume of Buyers: (Many - Few) Many purchasers of candy for fun and for cooking. There will always be a market pertaining to chocolate; although the higher end more pricey chocolate potential buyers are more limited| (-)| (+)| | | | Merchandise Innovation Channel: some machinery may revise but they continue to hand place and bundle the chocolates| (-)| (+)| | | | Speed of Scientific change-Slowsome products may update but they still hand cover and package deal the chocolates| (+) | (-)| Together with the changing of technology and equipment more efficient ways to produce come to fruition| Others may be able to produce and place the candy cheaper| Though equipment may well change they still complete the product the same| Economies of Size: (Moderate)| (+) | (-)| | | | Realization: | (-)| (+) | | |

Industry Size-

Market size- The Canadian market size for chocolate, as of 06\, is around$167 million -Rogers chocolates protects about 10 million in sales intended for 2006. That they draw regarding 54%of their sales from pre Christmas season exclusively, about 50% from Roger's 11 retailers, 10% coming from online and mail-order sales, the remaining sales were generated coming from Sam's Deli. Market Growth Rate-

Market growth-the premium candy market is developing, a expected 2% development annually however the overall chocolates market is decreasing. To generate even more sales Roger's needs to have their particular name end up being known in a broader radius. There has been a rise for more quality chocolate and a overall health craze forcing the market for chocolate production opening up a chance for purchases, sales and an increasing marketplace. Even though they can be a premium chocolates, they can put specialized catalogues away and get estimates how they may mainstream the merchandise into department stores or grocery stores while maintaining their very own brands status and top quality. Scope of rivalry-

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