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Donna Jimenez

La Guardia Community College

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Name: Hazel JimenezDate of Assignment: Thursday, January twenty 2014 Directions: Utilize structure in preparation for your clinical case study and submit to your clinical teacher. You will be required to present the truth study orally during pre and post conferences. Consumer Initials: At the. S. Customer Age: 14 months

Primary Diagnosis: Bronchiolitis, RSV positive

1) Specify the etiology of the diagnosis

Bronchiolitis is definitely an inflammation with the bronchioles brought on by an acute infection in the lower respiratory track. Different types of microorganism trigger this contamination, but the most common one is RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). Additional microorganisms incorporate parainfluenza malware type one particular and 3, adenoviruses, rhinoviruses, and Mycoplasma pneumonia.

RSV is a small , labile paramyxovirus that produces swelling and tigers the creation of nasal mucus. This disease is transmitted by indirect/direct contact with infected sources. When the test shows positive the person will be isolated with contact precautions every nosocomial disease. 2) Illustrate the growth and developmental tasks ascribed for this age level.

According to Erickson's theory an eleven-month child will build up optimism, trust, confidence and security in the event proper care is definitely provided. It is very important to build boundaries with mother/father in the initial year of life. Piaget's theory matches this eleven-month baby in the sensory electric motor stage. Piaget states which the baby mainly focuses on what they see, them, and how to interact with the environment that surround all of them. They are constantly experimenting with actions such as shaking or tossing things. Freud place the kid in the oral stage, as its name implies the kid's interaction with all the world is mainly through the mouth area. They get pleasure from sucking and putting everything into their jaws.

Over all most eleven-month old baby should be able to stand-alone and sit from ranking position. Placer grasp allows the infant to post small items; also he attempts to feed him/herself. Shakes visit say " no”, say his/her initial words and plays about with foodstuff. 3) Explain physical characteristics of this grow older level. Consist of height and weight. Height: The infant really should have a height between seventy cm – 80 centimeter; the average in height is 75 cm. Fat: The infant's weight should be between 18 – 27 pounds; the regular in excess weight is 22 pounds. Pearly whites: The infant must have already 4-6 teeth.

4) Medical Involvement:

RSV test, influenza tests, X rays, heartbeat oximetry, medicine , and examen to see if there is certainly any change in pulmonary appears. 5) List

a) Treatments: Nasopharyngeal suction if perhaps need it, nebulizer to moist and open up airways, and contact seclusion precautions. b) Medications: Albuterol Nebulizer zero. 25 x1, Normal Saline 3ml (0. 65%) nasal solution every 3 several hours. c) Diet plan: Regular diet plan, based on a whole lot of fluids.

Clinical Example Format


7) List common consumer problems and nursing surgery

8) Issues:

Asthma, Cyanosis, dehydration, tiredness and tachypnea.

9) Avoidance

The RSV prevention is possible via a monoclonal antibody, palivizumab (Synagis), which can be given monthly on intramuscular injections. Also reevaluate child's environment simply by avoiding any sort of smoke or fungus in humid temps. Check oxygen status regularly and provide good rest.


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