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Natalia Opulencia v. Court of Appeals, Aladin Simundac and Miguel Olivan G. L. Mo. 125835; July 31, 1998

Facts: Exclusive respondents Aladin Simundac and Miguel Oliven filed a complaint intended for specific functionality against petitioner, Natalia Carpena Opulencia in the grass that the latter executed within their favor a 'contract to sell' of lot 2125. The accused, despite needs, failed to adhere to her commitments under the agreement. The accused averred the fact that property subject matter of the contract formed area of the Estate of Demetrio Carpena, in respect of which in turn a petition for probate was registered with the RTC of Binan. The court docket ordered the parties to publish their proof. Petitioner, rather than submitting evid, filed a demurrer. Furthermore, the petitioner maintained which the contract was null and void intended for want of approval of the probate the courtroom. Meanwhile, the court a quo approved the demurrer and dismissed the issue. On appeal, the appellate court set aside hte trial court's dismissal of the complaint.

Issue: RECEIVED a contract to offer a real home involved in house proceedings valid and holding without the endorsement of the probate court.

Ruling: YES. Genetic rights are vested in the heir or perhaps heirs as soon as of the decedent's death. Petitioner, therefore , started to be the owner of her hereditary discuss the moment her father died. Thus, deficiency of judicial endorsement does not invalidate the Agreement to Sell, because the petitioner gets the substantive right to sell the complete or a part of her talk about in the property of her late father.

Petitioner contends that "[t]o peine the sale at this time would result in a partial circulation of the decedent's estate pending the final end of contract of the testate proceedings. " Petitioner's legislation is not convincing.

The Contract to trade stipulates that petitioner's present to sell is contingent on the " complete distance of the the courtroom on the Last Will Legs of her father. " Consequently, even though the Contract to offer was enhanced between the petitioner and private respondents during the pendency of the probate proceedings, the consummation of the sale or perhaps the transfer of ownership in the parcel of land to the private participants is subject to the full repayment of the purchase price and to the termination and outcome in the testate proceedings. Therefore , you cannot find any basis for petitioner's stress that the Deal to Sell can result in a untimely partition and distribution from the properties in the estate. Certainly, it is satisfied that " the sale of an heir of his share within an inheritance, controlled by the pending administration, in no smart stands in the form of such operations. "

Hence, petitioner did not act as an administratix but the heiress of her daddy.


FACTS: The questioned paperwork which were supposed as a forgery were publicly stated by the the courtroom and ruled that said documents were real as examined by a specialist. In line with this kind of, the question to be settled now is whether or not the first will which has been executed simply by Rufina Arevalo was revoked and made inadequate by the second is going to. The wills appeared as follows:

It appears that the undivided interest of Rufina Arevalo in two parcels of area and the improvements thereon which belonged to the conjugal partnership between Bernabe Bustamante, who died prior to making with the two wills, and Rufina Arevalo, was expressly created to Amando Clemente in the earlier will but was not especially mentioned inside the later can. In the first will, Show 6, Rufina Arevalo, who no forcible heirs, gave to Ariston Bustamante, her nephew, three lots plus the buildings on it; devised a parcel of land as well as the houses position thereon with her cousin, Petrona Arevalo Viuda de Zacarias, and to her niece, Carmen Papa sobre Delgado; and then disposed, for Amando Temperato, another relation, of a piece of land and the properties thereon, associated with her undivided interest in the...

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