Synopsis and Parahrase quiz

 Summary and Parahrase test Essay

Which of the next is a strong post-reading technique?  Paraphrase every line of the whole story manually ,.

Write an essay devoid of looking at your notes.

Go over difficult ideas with other people.

Loan the book to a friend to study after you.

Factors earned about this question:  5

Question 2 (Worth 5 points)

Which in the following can be described as useful technique for during reading?  Stay an energetic while you read in order to believe.

Memorize every page while reading without note-taking.

Multitask although reading and then try to recall simply by memory.

Manage useful info in a record or record.

Points received on this problem:  5

Question 3 (Worth a few points)

So why do some viewers choose to join reader groups?


Organizations offer opportunities to discuss interesting topics in literature.  Groups allow readers to find out the ends of stories with out reading.  Groups usually hand out free catalogs to their standard attendees.  Groups can prove towards the community that you are a true " reader. ” Points received on this problem:  5

Issue 4 (Worth 5 points)

In order to better know what you have read, what can you carry out?  Discuss everything you read with friends.

Retain rereading it several times over.

Stop thinking about it and go forward.

Read other literature that may be similar.

Details earned about this question:  0

Question 5 (Worth 5 points)

What does requesting questions often do for readers?

That causes those to forget what they have browse.

It can help them understand the material.

It causes them to be dislike what the story was about.

It reveals them whether they are clever.

Points gained on this issue:  5

Problem 6 (Worth 15 points)

Create an accurate summary of the conflict between the pilot and Marilyn Lee Get across in " The Cool Equations. ” Provide the answer in three to five sentences. Essay Submitter

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