The Darkness Lines

 The Shadow Lines Composition


Novel: The Darkness Lines

CREATOR: Amitav Ghosh

Awards: victor of the Sahitya Akademi Honor (1989).

Bibliography: The Shadow Lines(novel), Wikipedia(Internet). Main Heroes: Mayadebi, Tridib, Ila, May well, Narrator, Computer chip, grandmother.


The novel is defined against the background of famous events:

1 ) Swadeshi motion

2 . Ww2

3. Partition of Region

4. Public riots of 1963-64 in Dhaka and Calcutta


The characters from this novel – except that of Tridib – are genuinely portrayed and are not larger than life. Each one is portrayed with the weaknesses that will make them lovely. Each one is believable. But Tridib does not seem to belong to this world. He results in as a ‘seer', someone gifted with extra-sensory and extra-visionary abilities.

1 . Narrator: The protagonist is known as a middle category boy who have grows up within a middle class family. He's sexually attaracted to Ila but he never explains to her. He can very close to his granny and is aware of her a lot more than anyone. As being a young youngster he rarely gets to travel around farther than his institution. And yet his world ranges far over and above, across continents. He chemicals up this world, rather strongly, borrowing colors from others. He uses Tridib's eyes to view some family in London, their house, the streets, the panic of war. This individual uses his grandmother's eye to see her life in Dhaka as being a young lady, her dad and friends, the other side in the big house in which everything was upside down. This individual uses his cousin's eye to view different parts of the world where the lady travelled, her aspirations to get belonging, her heartaches the effect of a reality because different from her dreams since she and her backdrop was by those with to whom she lived in those international lands.

2 . Tridib: Having been the son of Mayadebi, and so simply by relation having been the second dad of Narrator. He is well-travelled but he prefers to live his life in Calcutta, where he works at a Ph. D. in archaeology. For Tha'mma, he is extremely irresponsible person who wastes his life roaming across the roads but narrator loves to pay attention to Trideb. This individual passionately is convinced that 'a place would not merely can be found, that it needs to be invented in one's imagination'. He was wiped out by Muslim mobs in communal riots of 1963-64 in Dhaka.

3. Grandmother of Narrator (Tha'mma): She is the headmistress of girls school in Calcutta. She is extremely strict, regimented, hardworking, mentally strong and patient female. Time is extremely precious for her. According to her, time is a toothbrush; this goes mouldy if it basically used. The girl had been awarded a Bachelor's degree of all time by Dhaka University. She has a awful past. Your woman was hitched to an engineer with the railways, in Burma. In 1935, her partner passed away.

5. Ila: She is the cousin of narrator. She lives in Stockwell, London, uk. She is extremely good looking, and broad oriented. She really wants to be cost-free. According to her, the constraints on girls in India made their particular life awful. That's why the lady lived in London, uk, so that the lady could perform whatever she wants. Your woman marries Nick, an Englishman, buys a home, discovers a job, tries to settle down although without success.

five. May: She is the daughter of Prices relatives, who are relatives of Tridib's family. Tridib was at love with her. She is committed to a purposeful and principled social life. She is kind-hearted and works to get society by simply collecting cash for starvation relief in Africa, and also other social providers.

6. Nick: He is a fantastic looking blonde having extended hairs and wants to get a Chartered Curator. As May possibly says to narrator: 'He is different, he can not like us'. He lacks the feeling and meaning values of your normal human being. He unites Ila and it is cheating on her behalf as he confesses sleeping with other women.

Apart from all these characters, there is a fantasized character " Magda", Ila's fantasy kid whom she acknoledges the moment she was playing 'houses' with the narrator. Magda can be blue-eyed and blonde and has extremely bright and...

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