TOEFL composition

 TOEFL dissertation


Individuals are always learning new things everyday throughout their particular lives. They are often learning issues from those at their particular level or from these at penetration of00. However , I think that people master things better from those at a higher level based on their various types of experience.

1st, those by a higher level have more educational encounter. People who are by a higher level have got completed all their educational curriculum; they have more educational understanding. For example , a calculus educator has to be not merely good at mathematics but as well complete the requirements, including every one of the math materials and how to instruct, to become a calculus teacher. A person perfectly level could possibly be good at mathematics and understands the material; however , he may be bad by teaching. Being unable to teach very well makes the person who learns hard to understand.

Second, individuals at higher level of00 have more cultural experience. Those people who are at a higher level have come above many challenges and have skilled many kinds of affair. For example , my personal history educator failed classes in school, married a female, and spent few years in different countries. People who are at a higher level mostly happen to be older and also have experienced the affairs what kind would confront in the future already. People in a higher level can thus talk and teach us all their stories; we are able to learn from these people through their success stories and failure tales. People at the same level might be experiencing several affairs than one has; yet , their testimonies may audio mature given that they have simply lived about the same time speculate if this trade and have not faced with the real hardships.

Last, those at a higher level have more professional experience and have more convincing suggestions. For instance , my counselor has attended the same high school graduation I at present attend and now works as a counselor there. Obtaining the same type of background and can compare the situations with the past and today, those for a higher level are usually more reliable. Even if a...