Va Henderson's Require Theory

 Virginia Henderson’s Need Theory Essay


Virginia Henderson


•" The Nightingale of Modern Nursing”

•" Contemporary Mother of Nursing. ”

•" The 20th hundred years Florence Nightingale. "

•Born in Kansas, Missouri, Nov 30, 1897.

•Fifth of eight kids of Sharon Abbot Henderson and Daniel B. Henderson •Received certain amount in Nursing jobs from the Armed service School of Nursing in Walter Reed Hospital, Wa, D. C. in 1921. •Worked with the Henry Avenue Visiting Registered nurse Service for 2 years following graduation. •In 1923, began teaching nursing at the Norfolk Protestant Clinic in Virginia •In 1929, entered Educators College for Columbia University for Bachelors Degree in 1932, Masters Degree in 1934. •Her work influenced the nursing profession throughout the world. •A recognized nursing mentor and a prolific author.

•Honorary tragique degrees from the Catholic University of America, Pace School, University of Rochester, College or university of Western Ontario, Yale University •In 1985, privileged at the Twelve-monthly Meeting with the Nursing and Allied Health Section of the Medical Selection Association. •Died: March 19, 1996 on the Connecticut The hospice, aged 98, and was interred in her family's plot with the churchyard of St . Stephen's Church, Forest, Bedford Region, Virginia.

Henderson's Theory Background

•Virginia Henderson defined nursing since " supporting individuals to gain independence regarding the performance of actions contributing to health or the recovery" (Henderson, 1966). •She categorized medical activities in 14 pieces, based on individual needs. •She described the nurse's position as substitutive (doing for the person), supplementary (helping the person), complementary (working with the person), with the target of supporting the person turn into as independent as possible. •Her definition of medical was one of the initial statements plainly delineating breastfeeding from medication: " The unique function in the nurse is usually to assist the individual, sick or perhaps well, in the performance of the people...

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