Zoots—the Cleaner Cleanser Case Research

 Zootsthe Solution Cleaner Case Analysis Analysis Paper

Zoots—The Cleaner Cleaner Case Analysis

This company has an amazing idea and management which makes it appealing for potential customers, investors, and lenders. There are very few problems with this company however the main issue that the firm is facing is the paradoxical problem of experiencing too much volume. They are even now growing around the world and the consumers they are portion are so happy. Why? Customer convenience. Problems will be discussed as well as other facets of the SWOT analysis.


• Client convenience

• High quality

• Extended retail store hours

• Drive through drop off and pick up features

• overnight access through secure personal locker program • Access to the internet to track buy information

• Web-based coupon codes and offers

• Goodwill drop off to get donating old clothing

• 24 hour pick up service

• Bulletin board for in-store convenience

• A conventional in-store counter, wherever customers and point out locations and discuss special managing with the counter person. • Large menu boards

• A really large variety of services other than simply dry washing. (E. g. shoe polishing and restoration, leather washing and repair, etc . ) • Mandatory training program for employees

• Workers actively urged to make suggestions for operational improvements. • Huge trucks pertaining to delivery

• Deliveries manufactured twice daily

• Large operation grow

• Experienced tailors in location

• Multiple inspectors for buyer items

• Success in financing

• Strong strategy and leadership team

• High Quantity

• Financial systems of level

• Money back guarantee for destroyed dry washing goods


• Insufficient quality because of such large volume

• Pressure put on the rose team to tag locations more cautiously because of the huge volume. • Rejects and problem clothes because of the large volume • The pressing machines could not keep up with...

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